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Nora Sudduth

Digital Marketing & Course Creation Specialist


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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is personal and focused on results that align with your goals.

There are many coaching programs that offer “cookie-cutter” approaches. They want you to “do it their way” typically one specific approach that may not be best for your business.

Marketing isn’t a “one-size fits all” system.

While there are marketing principles that have stood the test of time, the latest fad or marketing “trick” or "secret" may not be what your business needs.

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated.

After helping hundreds of clients in numerous markets, success comes down to doing the right thing at the right time. I’ll help you cut through the noise, create your own success path, and focus the next most important step forward.

Who Can Benefit Most

I work with business owners who are either looking to launch a new program, or they’re looking for more leads and sales for an existing one.

While I’ve worked with business owners in various markets, I specialize in developing training, coaching and certifications programs as a way to extend their reach and build in an additional revenue stream or as an internal training program to develop their team of coaches.

If you’re looking to launch a new program we can talk about...

  • How to position yourself in the marketplace

  • You want to create marketing messaging and “hook” that attracts your ideal client

  • How to evaluate product-market fit and

  • How to craft an irresistible offer

  • How to develop front end offers

  • How to design & build lead generation and sales funnels for your program

  • How to use organic and paid traffic to fill your funnel

  • How to leverage email and content marketing to increase conversions

If you’re looking to increase leads & sales for an existing program we can talk about...

  • How to reposition or repackage your offers in the market

  • How to tap into new markets and new audiences using paid or organic traffic

  • How to build more automation into your marketing & sales process

  • How to create fresh new front end offers or new “hooks”

  • How to leverage email and content marketing to increase conversions

  • How to scale your existing program without exponential expense or degrading your clients’ experience