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Nikkea Devida

Fix Your Time, Energy & Profit Leaks to Make 2x More Money in ½ the Time!

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Outsourced COO, dba Soaring Entrepreneur, Inc.
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Coaching Philosophy

Do you feel overwhelmed with too much to do in your business?

If you'd love to get projects off your plate that you can delegate and automate, then turn your business into a productivity and profit making machine.

Are you ready to take your business to multiple 6 figures or 7 figures? 

If you're ready to make more money in less time, remove the barriers to growth, increase your profits AND have a life, it's time to uplevel, automate and optimize the 5 P's:

  • Perception - have the right mindset to succeed as an entrepreneur

  • Process - focus on the right things at the right stage in your business and identify & document your best practices so you can delegate them &/or automate them

  • People - stop babysitting and get the right people in the right roles with the right accountability system in place to get stuff done

  • Products - create or optimize your programs/products/services to generate predictable revenue streams

  • Promotion - optimize your sales & marketing follow up to attract your ideal clients and increase sales conversion with marketing automation and technology

Optimizing The 5P's In Your Business Allows You To:

  • Focus on the critical revenue generating activities in your business

  • Systemize, automate &/or delegate your projects and processes with the right technology or team members (even if you don't have them yet!)

  • Free up your time by getting your projects done the best way every time and enable you to automate it or delegate it to someone else!

  • Delegate safely, effectively and profitably so you can focus on the revenue-generating activities and leverage your time, team and technology.

  • Grow, scale and leverage your business without working harder

Finally, enjoy the time, money and freedom you always meant to have with your working on your business, not the busy-work of your business!

If it needs to be organized, systemized, and monetized, Nikkea B. Devida is your Outsourced COO and “go to” resource to identify and overcome your business blind spots to a thriving sustainable, scalable, productive and profitable business!  Nikkea is an award winning Project Manager & Infusionsoft Certified Partner (ICP) who serves transformational leaders, creative entrepreneurs, holistic health practitioners, and speakers/authors/experts. 

Who Can Benefit Most

Schedule a complimentary 5 Point Process Audit & Premier Success Coaching Session with Nikkea if you:

  • Would love someone to take things off your plate that you can delegate &/or automate 

  • Want to massively grow your business, but you’re already overwhelmed, working too much and want to have a balanced life
  • Are frustrated and struggle with getting everything done in your business (especially revenue generating activities) and personal life
  • Are doing tasks you know you shouldn’t be, but don’t have time/know-how to train someone else
  • Are concerned that what you delegate won’t get done as well, saying “It’s just easier to do it myself”
  • Are afraid to lose a team member because they have key knowledge in their head that you can’t get out of them?  (ie, they’re holding your business hostage!)