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Megan Schwan

Business Accounting & Tax Coach ~ Your Accounting Sidekick

Coach Platinum

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Coaching Philosophy

Megan empowers owners to organize, understand and use their numbers to grow profitable and successful companies.

While every business functions the same at it’s core, (you need to bring in more money than you pay out), every business operates a little different and every major decision comes back to your numbers. But when you don’t understand your numbers or know how to use them, the information you have gets clouded, overwhelming and useless.

Megan helps business owners understand what the numbers mean and how to use them to strategically plan and execute a blueprint for that next level of success. Through 1:1 and group based coaching, you will move from simply being an owner to being a CEO.

You can't know what you don't know and if you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. There’s a lot that goes into running a business, and your numbers tell the story. Megan is Your Accounting Sidekick, supporting you to move from working “in” your business to working “on” it and empowering you to Conquering Your Books.

With over 15 years of accounting experience and 7 years of personal business ownership experience, combined with her bachelor’s in accounting and helping 1000’s of small businesses over the years, Megan brings an insightful perspective to making your numbers make sense.

If you’re ready to level up, think and act like a CEO, contact her today!

Who Can Benefit Most

I am determined to change the statistic that 8 out of 10 small businesses fail. Just about every company that closes its doors does so due to some kind of money related issue. Most often it is a result of a business owner not knowing all they should know or
having the support and resources to operate the right way.

If you are an owner who is ready to level up your business, we should chat.

Are you….

Tired of living the month to month struggle cycle
Worried about not checking all the boxes when it comes to your business finances
Paying in crazy amount of taxes every year
Not sure how to level up or even where to start
Know you should have a budget or keep your books but aren’t sure where to start
Unsure how to interpret your numbers and want to level up

As a single Mom of 4, I understand the importance of creating a profitable and successful company to support my family, community and future and the same is true with most small businesses. We need strong businesses and empowered owners.

It's time to start cultivating businesses that work for US and not the other way around. Are you ready?