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Lisa Vanderkwaak

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Coaching Philosophy

Every woman can become a dynamic speaker ....if you are coachable! The best and most successful women entrepreneurs all attest that their success really exploded when they invested in improving their public speaking skills and learned how to go beyond just giving information to evoking transformation when they spoke. The business magnate, Warren Buffet, said that if you want to improve your net worth by at least 50 % then invest in improving your communication skills. This is certainly true for me and my clients and can be true for you. I used to be so scared of speaking and disqualified myself because I wasn't an extrovert, and not as talented as others. I almost gave up, until I discovered (through my coach ) that what makes up effectiveness as a speaker is only 10% talent and 90% skill-based. This meant that I could become a dynamic communicator ii I was willing to grow and expand my skills. That was over 25 years ago and since then I have spoken internationally and successfully coached hundreds of women how to communicate with greater impact and gain instant credibility and get tangible results while maintaining their unique authentic style. Success has a sequence. My proprietary Accelerate Process : 6 Step Roadmap to Speaking Success is designed to take you step by step so you can go from being invisible to visible , and from being an ordinary to extraordinary speaker that leads to tangible results and lasting transformation. Having strong communication skills is no longer considered just nice-to have but rather is now an essential Valuable Asset, especially for those aspiring to higher levels of influence. With the advancements in technology getting in front of the right audience is easier than ever. It really is true -Speaking is the #1 way to promote your book, build your brand or grow your business. The sooner you get started the sooner you'll reach your goals and experience greater fulfillment.

Who Can Benefit Most

As an Executive Speaking Coach, I specialize in working with highly motivated women who want to fine-tune your communication skills so you can :
Speak with greater impact
Turn your experiences and expertise into extra streams of income
Deliver a message in a clear, concise and compelling manner.
Keep your audiences engaged and wanting more.
Attract ideal clients in a seamless, authentic way (without sounding salesy or pushy)
Sell your services, products and programs in a way that deepens rather than damages connection with your listeners
Do more with what you've been given

I'd love to help you realize your dreams of becoming a sought after speaker and achieve your unique speaking goals in a shorter amount of time than you thought possible. I invite you to book a strategy session with me if you want to get clear about how you can more effectively use speaking to grow your business and increase your influence, impact and income.