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Kelly Campbell

"Instant Author" Book Coach for Writing & Publishing Your First Best Seller


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Coaching Philosophy

The World Needs Your Story and So Does Your Business! It is time to finish that book! Writing your book can:

  •  Change everything in your life and business, open new doors, attract higher paying clients and media opportunities 

  • Increase your opportunities for speaking engagements and raise your value in the eyes of a corporate program director

  • Help you stop hiding who you really are, and give you the confidence to shine in your business

  • Give you a platform to share your transformative experiences and impact not only    

  • Leapfrog you ahead of your competition and allow you to stand out in your industry

My name is a Kelly Campbell and I’m your Premier Book Writing Coach.

I wrote my first book when I realized that my 15-year corporate career was ending. My company was swallowed by a larger competitor in a corporate merger and my position was ELIMINATED. For years, I operated a seminar company in the shadow of my work life, and now was the time to launch that company in a strategic way.  I needed to reinvent my company, my target client and the world’s perception of me, F-A-S-T!  I did that by writing my first book in 45 days and marketing my way to Best-Seller. My seminar/coaching business took off like a rocket.

According to the New York Times, more than 80% of people want to write a book. I believe it because after my first book became a best-seller, every friend, relative and associate who ever thought about writing a book, suddenly wanted to talk to me. After helping many of them become Best-Selling Authors, I created the Instant Author Blueprint and Instant Author Retreats to help people who:

  • Could not figure out how to get started

  • Believed that writing a book was hard

  • Were convinced that they didn’t have the time

  • Struggled to believe that anyone would want to read their story 

I am passionate about helping talented speakers, industry experts and would be authors share their personal stories of triumph or lessons-learned, by showing them how to establish themselves as an authority and create additional income streams with their books, products, programs, and services.

Here’s the exciting part of this story: writing your non-fiction book does not have to be hard or time-consuming. Our goal is to produce a first draft in less than 90 days. 

We use a combination of journaling, our secret sauce interview process and content you have already created, (but might have overlooked), that supports your book idea. You are closer to finishing your book than you think! 

Who Can Benefit Most

If any of the following sounds familiar, Kelly Campbell can help you:

  • You are exhausted from trying to figure out how to get your story out to the masses

  • You are begging organizers to let you speak at their events

  • You want to stop reducing your prices just to get a client.

  • The thought of marketing and promoting yourself makes you want to run and hide under a rock

  • You know that you need a published work to join some speaker's bureaus and professional organizations

  • You want to build credibility as a speaker with a published book

  • You have been thinking about writing a book for 6 months or longer

  • You have unique expertise and are  looking to attract your ideal clientele
  • You are an industry expert (Accountant, Financial Advisor, Health & Wellness Professional) looking to distinguish yourself from competition

  • You have experienced an amazing life transformation and know deep down that your story could benefit others, perhaps even save a life.