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Katie Nelson

Business Coach and Sales Catalyst - Sparking the fire to feed your revenue growth with sales skills and accountability

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Sales UpRising

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is very simple: There is no business if nothing gets SOLD!

The one and only way you, while you are growing your business and your team, have to guarantee the continued forward movement of your business is to SELL your products or services.This skill set holds it down like no other in the growth of our Empires!

Unlike what we've heard, none of us were "born to sell", not even those of us who do it all day, every day. Introverts and Extroverts alike have the same ability to sell. There should be no excuse for us as business owners not to put the tools in our toolbox to ensure that we will be able to accomplish our Business Owner Vision!

Sales is a skill set, just like any other. Just like going to the gym, the ability to sell is a muscle that requires know-how and focus to achieve. You CAN do it! You can learn to sell, do it seamlessly and easily and earn money for the business, and YOU!

I work with business owners who understand that to be taken seriously as a CEO, your business needs cash flow to fuel the fire of business growth and are ready to learn how to be the #1 Salesperson in their business (if not earn enough
revenue where they can finally afford to hire one!)

Who Can Benefit Most

If this sounds familiar, Sales UpRising may be the answer for you: More revenue is what you need to get to the next step in your business!

You KNOW selling is what you need to do to get more revenue into the business, but it keeps going to the bottom of the "to do list" and you wake up every morning with dread that you have to sell today! (Sales Mindset Mastery is the key!)
You've hit the same revenue in your business more than once, and you can't seem to get any more. You've hit a sales wall and need to know how to get from where you are to further down revenue road!

You know what you are a genius at, but you don't know how to get your potential clients to sign on the bottom line! (You have a sales funnel issue, they never get to the bottom where they become your paying client!)

There are no sales tools in your business tool box because you've never had to learn how to sell!

If this is you, I'd love to hop on a call and see if we can't leap over some of the obstacles that are standing in your way of having a Sales UpRising in your business!!