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Katie Miller

Business Leadership Coaching & Culture Development


Center for Professional Growth

Coaching Philosophy

A successful, enduring business requires two key things: a clearly defined culture and a great leader.

Culture is built through clarity as to the purpose, mission, and core values of your business.  A great leader preserves the core of the business and inspires their clients and team through effective communication, strategy, and intention.  

 Rarely are these two concepts taught in school or general business training.  This is the secret recipe to making your company great! Here is what you will gain through coaching:

- I will provide you with critical self-awareness assessments that give you an understanding of your thinking and communication style as well as how you manage through conflict. You will be better able to understand how you show up in any situation, and what your motivations are that anchor your decisions.

- I will work with you to define your desired culture and ensure that it lives in your company every day through specific tools and structures that I've developed for you.

- I will support you in developing the strategies your business needs to pivot from your core and find your target clients and team so that you are positioned for sustained growth.

- I will give you the secrets to wrapping all of this together for a successful business future.

Who Can Benefit Most

If you are a business owner, you will benefit from this coaching!  Be the great leader your business and team deserve!