The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs

Johanne Dodon

Enhance the flow of Life Force Energy in YOU and your Business will feel it too!


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Coaching Philosophy

Hello, I’m a Business Energy Analyst. 

I help Women Entrepreneurs who understand the power of energy and know they can
accomplish so much more, tap into the full energetic potential of their
business and transform it into a magnet for success.    

For many reasons, modern society has not encouraged women to discover, develop, nurture and implemented their natural gifts, innate abilities and strengths. 

True happiness and success come from within. By tapping into your natural gifts and bringing them forward into the world you realize your personal creative mission. 

Enhancing the flow of LIFE FORCE in your life can change everything! 

Better Quality Sleep!

Higher Productivity!  

Better ability to handle Pressure and Stress!

Here is my philosophy regarding LIFE Force Energy and the role it plays in a woman's life!

Here are 5 success factors I believe will lead to real innovation and transformation in a women’s personal life and business life.  

1.    Belief & Trust– As a woman in business you showed a level of belief and trust in something bigger than yourself when you embarked on your business venture.  That level of trust activated in you, the natural feminine power of intuition, creativity and courage. Life Force Energy recognizes that in you and when you are ready, will support you!

2.     Business Mindset–Different from an employee mindset, in business you learn to develop characteristics necessary to survive in the business world. You naturally learn leadership skills, accountability, creativity, resourcefulness, vision, empowerment, caring, compassion, loyalty, contribution, enthusiasm, alertness, and focus.  Your intelligence and ingenuity increases.  You take inspired action, become outcome oriented, and develop a healthy dose of skepticism.  Life Force Energy supports that!

3.    Patience–As a woman you have an innate understanding of patience in life. You may have experienced 9 months of patience to create a miracle, your child!  You watch while your children grow, parents age and this understanding when applied in business eliminates unnecessary tension and stress. Life Force energy will inspire you to embrace the quality of patience.

4.    Embrace Natural Feminine Power- Women have natural gifts and strengths that when realized, acknowledged, nurtured and strengthen can do amazing things.  Life Force Energy will support you and help reactivate your natural gift to create, help others, contribute, uplift, lead, nurture, heal and teach.  These natural skills and abilities are foundational to the creative process and are key to any successful endeavour.

5.     Heightened state of awareness- One of your unrealized natural abilities is to sense energy and detect negativity from a mile away!  You can sense your environment, circumstances, thoughts, conversations, associates, and decisions. Life Force Energy will help you recognize your internal guidance, so you can navigate your world with ease and confidence.

Who Can Benefit Most

Life Force Energy Enhancements can improve your Quality of Life by increasing your connection to the source of all creation.  The intelligent energy knows what you require and will work on the root causes of the problem rather than what has manifested in your life!    

It is not uncommon to misidentify the reasons for our suffering, unhappiness or inability to reach our highest potential.  For example, a person may suffer from severe insomnia however, the energy, knowing that the root cause is an unhealthy work environment, will bring a new work opportunity that will naturally take care of the insomnia. 

People have reported experiencing a variety of positive outcomes from enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy in their totality:

Enhanced energy levels
Deeper and more restful sleep
Less mind-chatter
More profound inner peace
Less fear from the future
Increased ability to focus
Improved clarity and memory
Higher level of self confidence
Improved ability to handle stress
Ability to let go of the past
Shift in perception
Ability to find occupational satisfaction
Increased ability to focus on tasks 
Increase in productivity
Ability to attract the right clients and associates
Improvement in business relationships
Improved communication
Recognition by colleagues and family
Enthusiasm and inspiration at work
Perhaps the biggest benefit that people are reporting is that, for the first time, they can realize and envision their life’s purpose through a deeper connection with the God of their understanding.