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Jennifer Silverstein

Entrepreneur and Professional Growth Coach

Coach Donor

BeWell Network LLC | BTF Coaching & Retreats
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Coaching Philosophy

Lead your life, and love the life you live!

When we are experiencing “stuckness” in our lives it can most likely be attributed to some underlying fear and resistance.  This resistance can cause us to do the same things over and over, trying really hard to figure out why we're not getting different results. When we get stuck in a rut like this, we are essentially denying ourselves any hope for a better (or different) outcome. I help clients recognize patterns that aren't serving them, and get out of that rut. 

By clarifying empowerment initiatives in two key areas of their lives - personally and professionally, I work with clients to explore what they are doing, and not doing, that is working against them achieving these goals.  Through a powerful discovery process, we uncover what is getting in the way of them achieving the success in life and business that has been eluding them.  What we invariably discover is that it’s never what they THINK it is.  Wooo Whaaaa!  

During our Breakthrough to Freedom (BTF) coaching process clients uncover and release old stories they’ve been living in, and create a new narrative for their future life.  By teaching a combination of new practices and skills I help to hold them accountable as they move forward in achieving lasting results.  

Change is hard work - why do it alone?

Who Can Benefit Most

If you are someone who feels like you can’t get lift-off in some area of life...if it feels like you’re driving in your car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the break, and all you’re doing is spinning your wheels...I invite you to reach-out for a complimentary coaching session.

If you can relate to any of these situations below:

  • You're experiencing difficulties staying committed to, and achieving your goals,

  • You keep TRYING and TRYING to make a change, and you can’t make that change stick,

  • You're sick and tired of struggling, and all your best thinking and education hasn't helped thus far,

I look forward to speaking with you.