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Coaching Philosophy

Others say…"Don’t play in traffic?" I say, "Go play in traffic! Get in the way of others." Life is busy, it may be the only way you will be noticed. Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do, or, why you do the things you do? Do you leave people feeling like they want more of you? Are you wanting to step into a higher level of leadership? Are you one who loves to color outside the lines? Success = Showing Up. How are you showing up? When you participate in coaching with Holly, you will discover your reset button, while learning your personality, (your shoe persona), using (kiss) keep it shoe simple. If you were a shoe what kind of shoe would you be? Discovering your shoe persona will change your mind, relationships, time and definitely your bottom line.You want others see the best version of you, upgrade your game or be the shining star! What’s holding you back could simply be you haven't (concreted) who you are. Step forward with decision making, can bring abundance to your success. When you go into any environment, either you will impact the environment or it will impact you. It’s a choice, how you show up!

Who Can Benefit Most

You will want to work with Holly if:
✅You feel like something is missing in your business, and need some new strategies or a better blueprint.
✅You want to get clear on your message, personality style, and vision.
✅You need a new perspective on your business, relationships, or personal life.
✅You want to connect with your clients on a higher level.
✅You are ready to take action, make changes, and need help doing so.

It's time that you realize that what you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you.

Know this: You have more than you realize... More resilience. More intelligence. More strength. More creativity. More talent. More beauty. More heart. More greatness. More potential. More confidence. More…Everything! Always rememember...YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I'm ready to help you every step of the way! The Law of the mirror says that you must see the value in yourself to add value to yourself . ~John A Maxwell

"Holly gives direct, easy-to-follow instructions on setting goals for beginners, and everyone else! She teaches how to manifest our greatest desires, by discovering who we really are! Her methods are succinct, and clear, making overwhelming concepts do-able. These nuggets of gold are priceless as you follow them to success. Holly taught me to "live in integrity" as I started my first business, and that simple advice has become an unexpected anchor in my life ever since. Holly, thank you for sharing your wisdom, style, and many talents with us!"
Cindy Brogdon ~Columbus, Ohio/Calgary, Alberta Canada