The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs

Geri England

Leadership, Business & Story Coach - Increase Your Influence: Turn Your Personal Stories into Dollars


Positive Change Workz

Coaching Philosophy

In the past several decades neuroscientists have proven that the human brain is wired for story.  We think and communicate through stories. The stories we tell are what make us human and what create our culture. One of the most powerful ways to increase your influence as a leader is to communicate your messages through your personal stories. If you are like many leaders, you are not sure how to do this. You may be weighed down by an old story that disempowers you. You may believe you don’t have any good stories to share. You may think your stories are boring and that you are not an effective storyteller. All that can be remedied.

Women mid-level and executive leaders (corporate and solopreneurs) hire me to help them grow their leadership effectiveness, enhance their ability to manage change, and communicate better thereby increasing their influence. I do this by helping them identify and leverage their personal stories for success. The results are that they (1) attract more clients and followers, (2) land bigger projects, gigs and promotions, and (3) grow their business and income.  

My coaching program will help you to leverage your stories for maximum impact.  You will:

  • Recognize and rewrite self-sabotaging personal stories

  • Identify personal stories to inspire people and enroll them in your vision, point of view and/or product/service offerings

  • Learn how to tell your stories in a compelling way through effective story structure, expression and vivid sensory imagery

  • Apply stories to bring about high-impact, positive change in yourself, your team and your business

  • Use your personal stories to attract clients, projects, promotions and more money

Who Can Benefit Most

In your role as a woman leader and/or business owner you may struggle with:

  • Lack of influence (being seen and heard)

  • Connecting well with your team, followers and clients

  • Communicating your messages effectively one-on-one, with groups (team, peers, bosses) and/or in formal presentations/speeches

  • Managing major business or organizational change effectively

  • Attracting and engaging followers and clients

  • Enrolling people in your vision and offerings

  • Making enough money