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Eve Wood

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Eve A. Wood, M.D. Your Well-Being Champion

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that the world needs what you, and you alone have to offer. Your intuitive wisdom is brilliant, and when you can access and nurture it, you grow, thrive, and shine. But you need to overcome lots of roadblocks and barriers to do that. You face both internal and external barriers to well-being and spectacular business success. Internal barriers involve your inner world and workings, while the external ones’ concern how you interact with the world outside yourself. The inner affects the outer, and vice versa.

Some of your internal barriers involve the way your brain is wired, your mindset, coping skills, attitudes, beliefs and unique programming due to your own history. Some of your external barriers involve your comfortability doing the things you need to care for yourself, engage authentically in relationships, and develop, grow and sell your business.

On top of that, your personal and business lives are tied together. There is no separation. When your health, well-being, mindset, relationships, and outlook are in a good place, you can achieve spectacular professional success. But, if you are worried, sad, forgetful, disorganized, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, doubting yourself, self-critical, isolated, lonely, or ill at ease, you and your business are in trouble. Your business cannot succeed if you are struggling in your personal life. And, you can’t feel great joy, if your business is stalled, stuck or floundering.

I guarantee you, if you are not where you want to be, either personally or professionally, you have specific issues and challenges you need to embrace and transform. I am your expert partner in doing that. I have a 35-year track record as an integrative physician, counselor, therapist, coach, and business leader, who has made it her business to help people just like you get unstuck and achieve their dreams. I know how to identify the reasons you are struggling, and partner with you to create your personalized path, to realize your AWESOME potential.

My work with others like you, has inspired my writing and teaching. I have written 3 books (There’s Always Help; There’s Always Hope, 10 Steps to Take Charge of Your Emotional Life, The Gift of Betrayal) and created 2 kits (Stop Anxiety Now, and What am I Feeling, and What Does It Mean?) for managing mood, mindset, perspective, relationships, anxiety, and for effectively naming your feelings and communicating them skillfully. If these topics resonate with you, you are not alone!

I am also the mother of 4 adult children, two biological sons, and two daughters adopted from Asian countries. And, I have 2 grandsons. I am married for the second time. So, I know the challenges of being a parent, spouse, working mom, and of trying to make life work in a challenging universe.
I believe we need one another. Our healing, thriving and achieving spectacular success, depends on our support systems. We need friends, family members, consultants, mentors, coaches and therapists in our corner. My greatest joy comes from being there for my fellow travelers, and partnering with them to step into their awesome selves!

I am passionate about empowering you to bring your amazing self forward. I believe in the power you possess to transform for good, and in the unflagging resilience of the human spirit. We all need your unique contribution! And, I would be honored to help you bring your best forward!

Who Can Benefit Most

I am your ideal coach if you know where you want to be, either in your personal life or business, but can’t seem to get there, and need a road map! I am for you if you feel stuck, anxious, worried, sad, lost, confused, isolated, unsure who to trust, doubt in yourself, or your business idea, and want to feel empowered, and move on! I am a good fit for you if you want to have awesome relationships, calm, peace, physical health, or mental well-being.

I am a good fit for you if wish for authentic living, and leading, but aren’t sure how to achieve that, or if yearn for a more purpose driven life. If you are questioning the meaning of what you are doing, or hoping for more…of any kind, or if you are struggling with how to be yourself at home or on the job, let me help you! Call on me if you have gotten to a certain point, in life or business, but can’t seem to make the next big step. And, I am your gal, if you want to have more fun, and balance, on your path to greatness!

I am also a great fit for you if you are dealing with illness, loss, death, or mental health issues in yourself, family members, friends, or business associates. I can help you make sense of your experiences, clarify the issues you might be facing, and help you develop a path forward, no matter how challenged you feel right now. While it may not feel that way, I know that our greatest challenges, provide us the most powerful opportunities for growth and transformation.

Most people I have worked with over the years have said, I am loving, passionate, deeply empathic, excellent at solving problems, infinitely patient, and fun! If those are the qualities you are looking for in a coach, I am a good choice for you!