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Esta McIntyre

Fitness/Vitality Coaching - Staying Healthy and Powerful When You Have No Time

Flourish After 50 | My Health Studio


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Coaching Philosophy

Esta is a seasoned wellness expert with 30+ years in research and 20+ years in fitness. Her program blends business success with optimal health for busy women. With humor and science, she offers a fail-proof strategy for empowered living - shedding pounds, building strength, and harnessing 'youth hormones' for a vibrant glow. A best-selling author and sought-after speaker, Esta's expertise is featured in "Brain and Life" and "First for Women" Magazines. She's a guest on podcasts like "Not Your Average Grandma" and "It Just Takes One." I'm a big believer in "reverse engineering."  It's so important to figure out where you're at right now and then decide where you want to go in the future.  This process necessates asking yourself what you're willing to do (and what you won't do) to attain those goals.  I listen first and then ask questions.  So often, we know we need change, but we’re not sure where to begin.  In our conversation, my mission will be to help you to assess your needs and point you to the path of establishing a blueprint for action.

Who Can Benefit Most

This coaching is for busy (and possibly exhausted) entrepreneurs who would like increased energy and vitality, and would like to attain their highest level of health.  It's for those who have no time but need to look and feel their best.  While you're serving others, it's necessary to put your health and wellness high on the list.  I can give you some simple tips and tricks can can yield positive physical and mental results...right now.

Each of us is cut from a custom cloth, requiring uniquely exquisite solutions. There is no one nutrition or fitness regimen that works for everyone. But don't despair. I’ve learned after years in the wellness/fitness coaching industry, we can travel a road that leads us to being our most fit selves, moving forward with power and dignity.

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