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Ellen Albertson

The Midlife Whisperer™ - Wellness Coach helping you balance professional success with personal health and happiness.

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The Midlife Whisperer™
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Coaching Philosophy

Do you wake up every morning energized, joyful, and excited to start your day and rock your business or are you stressed, exhausted and burnt out?

You can have a successful business, a fulfilling personal life, unstoppable energy, and incredible health.  Prioritizing self-care, happiness, life-balance, and fun, will enable you to be a better parent, partner, person…and more successful entrepreneur.

When you stop putting everything – your business, kids, dog, spouse, house
ahead of yourself and start to love yourself unconditionally you will thrive. You’ll finally create the life-balance you long for and enjoy the business success you’ve worked so hard to achieve without sacrificing your body and spirit.

Now more than ever your health is your wealth. A vibrant body can help you fight disease, and a clear mind can help you deal with the daily chaos and pressure of managing your business and life during a pandemic.

Everyone can have radiant wellbeing, but everyone needs a different approach. Starvation diets and soul crushing workouts aren’t the answer especially in these stressful, unpredictable times. What works is an individualized approach that takes into account your specific needs, preferences, and unique physiology and psychology.

I work with smart, successful, business owners who want a healthy, glowing body, fantastic energy, and that elusive balance. Optimizing wellness while creating success in your business is easier than you think.

I have over 25 years experience as a wellness expert and a business owner and have helped thousands of women love themselves to health. As a PhD psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Health and Wellness
Coach, and Mindful Self-compassion Teacher, I combine clinical and coaching expertise with a compassionate approach that will empower you to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you love.

Who Can Benefit Most

I would love to help you if: You can't remember the last time you took time off or practiced regular self-care.

>You're struggling with your diet, wellness, weight, and perhaps your
body image.

>You're exhausted and stressed and staying fueled with Diet Coke and
Cliff Bars.

> You've tried other diet and exercise programs and they never seem to
work for you.

> You're feeling stuck and fearful in your business and life and would like to feel calm, motivated and confident.

> You need help planning and preparing satisfying, healthy meals.

>You're experiencing menopausal symptoms like weight gain, brain-fog,
and hot flashes.

>You’re having trouble with the relationships with people like your
spouse and kids that are important to you.

>You feel like all you do is work and nothing is ever good enough.

>You aren't sleeping well because worries and your to-do-list keep you
up at night.