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Denise Onofrey

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The Relationship Strategist
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Coaching Philosophy

Hi! I am Denise, the Relationship Strategist. So, what’s a nice relationship and sex therapist like me doing here, working with women entrepreneurs on business growth and strength?

Well, here’s what I know to be true:

You are in a relationship with your business. The quality of your relationship with YOU directly impacts your business.

Without intentional attention to yourself you cannot obtain what you deserve and what you have been working so hard for. You deserve to grow, evolve and prosper in every facet of your entrepreneurial life: business, relationships and home. But you need to get honest, get real and get moving on YOU to continue to build and sustain your business.

You need to get out of the “busy, the distractions and drains. You need to move toward connecting to what makes YOU and your business sustainable.

Being an entrepreneur requires you let go of perfection and be fueled by progress. You must let go of the rules that no longer serve you to make significant progress toward each of your personal and professional goals.

Investing in your relationship with YOU will have a direct, positive and sustainable impact on your emotional and financial bottomline. Why aren’t we tending to our emotional bottomline and well-being when we innately KNOW this is essential to thriving? What has been stopping you?

Numbers, figures and facts of business don’t lie — but we can lie to ourselves, self doubt and confusion will seep in. Don’t let your thinking veer your business off track. Instead, learn to fortify your positive thinking and leverage your innate power to be your own source of empowerment.

Without intentional attention turned inward to tend to you and your “inner rockstar”, you are less likely to reach or maintain your “rock star” life and business goals.

Entrepreneurs must have ongoing personalized, one on one support outside of family and friends to evolve personally and professionally.

Sustainability within the entrepreneurial space requires strategic, intentional and specific approaches within the relationship you have with yourself.

You will struggle as you climb and you need and deserve one on one, grounding and ongoing expertise to tend to your emotional self and emotional bottomline.

Your emotional bottomline is as important, if not MORE important, than you financial bottomline. How have you been investing in you? Is the ROI more connection and ease in all facets of your life?

You know you can not achieve what you want to achieve without an unshakable foundation within YOU.

So, what keeps you up at night in life, business and relationships? More importantly, what problem are you trying to solve or put off addressing hoping once your business is right where you want it, the problem won’t matter as much? Listen, that won’t work and you know it. Be brave and start turning toward and implement what will work. Be fearless.

You must learn to use what keeps you up at night to create the life you want.

Are you ready to relish in a fuller, more rewarding personal life? Are you ready for more connected and easier relationships to enhance all areas of your life and work? Isn’t it time you create the best version of YOU in every aspect of life, business and relationships? The answer is YES, the time is NOW and it all begins with YOU!

Hello again! I am known as The Relationship Strategist – a relationship and sex therapist who provides people around the world with strategies and know-how to live their best life and to have more connected and easier relationships.

My #1 secret: every success begins with the relationship you have with YOU. So, are you ready to join me in creating the success you want?

Who Can Benefit Most

You are seeking to life your best life at home and in business with balance, ease and mastery.

You are ready to take charge of your moods, thoughts and mindset for optimal results in business and relationships.

You know it is time to step into greatness but you are scared, unsure, or used to settling for less.

You live a very full life where everything feels like a priority —and you always put yourself last.

You are looking for calm, clarity and reward in your relationships, business and family life.

You are ready to discover, own and leverage your strength and wisdom.

You are ready to shed “shoulds”, perfection and being hindered by your head.

You have been ignoring aspects of your life way too long and it’s impacting your emotional or financial bottomline — or both.

You know something just isn’t right and seek to explore what changes to focus on first or next.

You are curious about how to design the life you thought you’d be living.

You have been putting yourself last for too long and it is time to step into your best self.