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Denise Hansard

Life Architect, Design your Life; Create Wealth & Abundance


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Coaching Philosophy

“Come ON! Is this all there is? Making just enough money to maybe, on good months, pay all my bills? Have a feast or famine love life, or always choosing the unavailable ones? I mean ... the writing was on the wall when eHarmony said there was no one out there  in the world for me! And, why does it seem as if everyone else is so good at what they do in their career and they are ‘making it’ when sometimes I struggle with getting out of bed? How many times can I find my purpose only to lose it again? Really?!”

Most women entrepreneurs face this line of thinking more than once in their careers. They love what they are doing only to find out that they aren’t making any money. They find themselves swimming in doubt and fear wondering if they should just go find a J.O.B.

As your Life Architect, I'll guide you through the experiential process of getting out of your own way to live an absolutely awesome life! There is no easy button for transformation. You didn’t get here overnight and you won’t change overnight. 

Isn’t it time for you to step into the courage for change? It is only through your choices that you can:

  • Create more confidence, 

  • Gain Clarity to move beyond your story, and 

  • Tame Your Fear—to transform your life, both personally and professionally.

The success of your business and life begins within ... within your choices to change.


Who Can Benefit Most

What happens when you work with Denise ... 

  • You learn to own your worth so you feel good about asking & receiving the fees you charge

  • Find your mojo so you love the work that you are doing and it shows so much clients find you

  • Wake up energetically ready to take on the world 95% of the time (as no one is perfect) 

  • Love yourself fully so you can be, do and have all that you desire ... and deserve!

Life is a journey ... a journey of stepping outside of your comfort zone into that awesome life you are so ready to take. 

If you are ready to discover what it means to move beyond your fear, have absolute clarity, and do it all with heart, then you are ready to work with Denise. Denise changes lives. Are you ready to make the choice to change yours ... to live the life you are meant to live?

With her Masters in Counseling, 20+ years in the corporate world as a Certified Pricing Professional, and her certification in Life Coaching, Denise works with clients privately, in groups or in retreats to assist you in your growth, personally & professionally, to achieve excellence in all areas ... career, pricing excellence, management, health & relationships.  She is an expert in transformation ... mindset coaching for your greatest self.