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Angela Heit

Business Performance, Team Alignment and Mindset Coach

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Coaching Philosophy

Hi, I’m Angela Heit and I just celebrated 26 years in business for myself.  Over those years I’ve created 4 businesses with my second one growing to multi-seven figures before I sold it.  I’ve experienced successes like these
and some massive failures. 
 I’ve also been fortunate enough to
be trusted by 100s of Clients to help them grow their businesses and  I’ve witnessed them achieve incredible successes and I’ve also helped them avoid all kinds of mistakes.

 When you work with me you get the benefit of that experience to get these results:

  • work will flow more smoothly

  • day-to-day operations will be easier

  • you’ll make less costly mistakes  

  • you’ll experience more success


Over the last 26 years I’ve found there are 3 keys to business success:

  1. Eliminating your self-limiting beliefs

  2. Embracing your zone of genius (passions)

  3. Building a business structure and team that supports your zone of genius

Every business challenge you face is an opportunity for greater success

As business owners we often face the same challenges over and over again.  Whether we keep hiring the same type of person or we make the same mistake or we've hit a revenue ceiling year after year despite our efforts.  They all point to our core beliefs.  These beliefs drive our business results.  When we’re able to identify the beliefs, find the source and release them, we shift our perspective and make better choices that lead to better business results.

Whether your challenge is not enough: money; clients; good employees; time or success

When we work together to release your self-limiting beliefs driving those results, you’ll feel more

  • Confident

  • Energized

  • Joyful

  And your business results will reflect that new-found success.  

“Your passions and your talents are signposts showing you your unique zone of genius”

We all have a unique set of passions and talents that are as individual as our fingerprints and as business owners it’s often those passions and talents that were at the heart of our business vision.  We lose touch with those passions as our business success demands we do things that we don’t necessarily enjoy, have the skills for or know how to do well.

This leads to feelings of:  Overwhelm;  Energy drain; and Dissatisfaction

When we work together to refocus on your passions and talents and develop a business structure and team that supports those passions or zone of genius, you feel more:

  • Energized

  • Satisfied

  • Confident

  • Joyful

And your business success will naturally increase.

“A consciously designed business structure that supports your zone of genius”  

Building a business structure and team aligned to your passions and talents is a natural way of differentiating your business from every other business out there.  It sets up the foundation for how you deal with both your customers (CX – Customer Experience) and your team (EX – Employee Experience) and ensures you attract only your ideal customers and your ideal team members. 

Whether you have an existing business structure that you recognize isn’t working optimally or you want to set up the right structure from the start, we’ll dive into your ideal customer journey, then design jobs and business processes that support that journey as well as your zone of genius.  

As a result of this conscious approach to business building:

  • work will flow more smoothly

  • day-to-day operations will be easier

  • you’ll make less costly mistakes  

  • you’ll experience more success

Whether you work with me in a group Training & Coaching Program or you work with me 1:1 with Individual Coaching, you’ll receive:  

  1. Knowledge to apply these 3 Keys of Business Success to your unique situation

  2. A different perspective to your business problems based on my own experience and the experience of 100s of my past and present clients

  3. Answers to all your ‘How To’ questions

  4. Support to implement

  5. Accountability and Cheerleading when you need it

  6. A community of like-minded business owners for support

Get in touch to see if this approach is right for you with a free consultation.  I look forward to working with you and wish you every success, Angela

Who Can Benefit Most

This is for you if:  

  • You are a leader with a business that you’d like to grow
  • You want to authentically lead from your values
  • You’re willing to change your limiting beliefs and build practices to support your growth
  • You’re ready to identify and work from your unique genius and build a business and team structure that supports it
  • You want a clear, action plan to reach your desired results
  • You’re willing to get into action and implement
  • You want someone to keep you on track when you hit those inevitable speed bumps 
  • You want to enjoy the process and have fun along the way
  • You value the guidance of someone who’s been there