The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs

Monetize Me Now!

Women's Success Summit
with Sandra Yancey


You're invited to join an extraordinary success summit with dynamic women entrepreneurs from everywhere. We are a network of women supporting women in business and life. Discover your "Worth-Set" and how to monetize your expertise, product and services with the master of women's entrepreneurship, Sandra Yancey, Founder & CEO, of eWomenNetwork, the #1 women's business network in North America.Network with successful women entrepreneurs who want to transact business with you.

Discover the keys to unleashing your ability to make millions.

Learn immediate, tangible, breakthrough strategies that will change forever, how you see and operate your business.

This summit event will be one of the most moving experiences of your life!

The "Monetize Me Now Summit" will help you move farther and faster than you could ever do alone!

You have what it takes, you will be a success, this is your open door opportunity!

Join us!

 MARCH 2 2017

Greater Charlotte, NC

 MARCH 7 2017

Calgary, AB

 MARCH 9 2017

Orange County, CA

  APRIL 11 2017

Hartford, CT

  APRIL 13 2017

Colorado Springs , CO

  APRIL 19 2017

Portland, OR

  APRIL 21 2017

Reno, NV

  MAY 3 2017

Phoenix, AZ

  MAY 9 2017

Victoria, BC

  MAY 10 2017

Vancouver, BC

  MAY 12 2017

Houston, TX

  MAY 18 2017

Richmond, VA

  MAY 19 2017

Central New Jersey, NJ