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  PLATINUM Membership

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  •   Exclusive access to the annual "PLATINUM-only Summit," (a 2-1/2 day luxurious private event) with training and coaching provided by Sandra Yancey and her special guests.

  •   Exclusive access to ONLINE and IN-PERSON Networking Events all over the world.

  •   Opportunity to showcase your expertise through our Success Institute to the members-only community of eWomenNetwork. These trainings are promoted via our weekly Wise Women Insights newsletter, blog and social media for maximum exposure.

  •   Never Pay Monthy Dues Again.

  •   Access to PLATINUM-only programs and offers that will never be available to the general membership or public.

  •   Complimentary PLATINUM registration to IN-PERSON Strategic Business Introduction events.

  •   Access to PLATINUM Members ONLY ONLINE Strategic Business Introduction events with wisdom circles.

  •   FREE annual PRO Speaker membership.

  •   Priority speaker consideration for ONLINE ANE Networking Events.

  •   PLATINUM emblem added to your eWN membership eProfile.

  •   Custom-designed PLATINUM badge to wear at chapter events.

  •   PLATINUM VIP Registration Desk at the eWomenNetwork Entrepreneur Conference Experience & Activations.

  •   Private annual PLATINUM-Only “Conference Networking Reception” to connect with other PLATINUM member attendees during the eWomenNetwork Entrepreneur Conference Experience & Activations.

  •   Make your book a Best-Seller: PLATINUM Members get free access to our exclusive Best-Seller program!

  •   Exclusive PLATINUM-Only Facebook group!

  • Sorry—enrollment is currently closed. Add your name to our waitlist to be notified the next time we open enrollment.

What members have to say about the impact and meaning of eWomenNetwork: 


PLATINUM is that amazing community that lifts me when I need it most. Sees in me what it is sometimes hard to see in myself. Pushes me when I need a shove. And cheers my success. And I get to do it all back for them. It is a place where I truly belong without question. And the PLATINUM Summit is like going home without the crazy family drama. 

- Amy Matthews 


eWomenNetwork has helped me see the leader that I had the potential to be, regain the confidence to be the successful CEO I deserve to be and opened up doors I didn’t see available to me!

- Jamie Shibley 



eWomenNetwork is in alignment with my core business and the mission to help empower women. I love how easy it is to encourage another person to join our organization to surround themselves with like-minded.

- Julie Calabrese Kraschinsky



PLATINUM gave me inside access to highly supportive women leaders, starting with Sandra. I would not have had the opportunity as a solopreneur only 6 months in business. Like having a board of directors, I can trust my PLATINUM sisters for sound advice and being there when I need it most. 

- RoseMarie Couture DeSaro



PLATINUM has allowed me to connect with entrepreneurs smarter than me. I love this tribe. Always being a constant student, I know that learning is key to my success. Join PLATINUM—it’s the best investment I’ve made for my business! 

- Amy Ostigny 


PLATINUM is my absolute GO TO community. Both in regards to my business and also when the stuff of life comes up personally. The PLATINUM Summit fills me up to overflowing to serve from a place of abundance. My people are at that Summit. PLATINUM benefits are so juicy, it fuels my business year after year!! 

- Betsy Clark 



I joined PLATINUM because I wanted to have access to Sandra & Briana's expertise about building my business the most efficient way. I am blown away with the support and genuine care from my PLATINUM sisters. We answer each other's calls for help in solutions and celebrations! I love PLATINUM. 

- Debbie Sodergren



PLATINUM membership has been one of my best investments ever! The annual Summit, the PLATINUM-only “Strategic Business Introductions” and so much more are totally worth it, but the icing on the cake are the other PLATINUM members. Through them and this community I am able to grow my business and myself. Hands down best investment ever! 

- Deborah Daniel 



I have been a PLATINUM member since the first week it opened and I have met so many incredible women leaders from around the country. There is something so powerful about being in a community of like-minded women who give you powerful feedback and lift each other to go bigger. 

- Dena Trakes Patton 


eWomenNetwork PLATINUM membership was the group I wanted to be a part of from the beginning and have attended every annual PLATINUM Summit since. I have made some amazing friends and gained some great business benchmarking opportunities. I've only met real go-getters that are going somewhere in their businesses. I'm forever grateful for this amazing group of connections. 

- Denise Reed  



I am a fairly new PLATINUM member and just recently attended my first PLATINUM “Strategic Business Introductions” online event. In just one session I received loving input and business direction in response to a question I asked. Priceless ... and totally inspiring.

- Esta McIntyre



I am deeply grateful that you had the wherewithal to create PLATINUM. I love having amazing high-calibrated women to walk this business journey with in what can be a very lonely endeavor. Every time I am around my PLATINUM sisters I am stretched, challenged and inspired to be more of who I am meant to be. We also have access to you and your brilliance, which is priceless. 

- Felicia Blanco Searcy 



Thank you for your vision of knowing exactly how to support women in business. My PLATINUM sisters have become like my own Board of Directors, helping me stretch, grow, and challenge myself. Additionally, many have become lifelong friends. I treasure the loyalty, inspiration, and support from these women. 

- Marquesa Hobbs 


I love the annual PLATINUM Summits!! It's nice to have Sandra and my PLATINUM sisters up close and personal for a weekend. It’s like having a seat at the table for free! 

- Jameela Ball Allen



I am a proud eWomenNetwork PLATINUM member, and it has been one of the best things I could have ever done to GROW my business! The amazing, loving relationships I've made are precious and priceless to me! I can't imagine my life without being a eWomenNetwork PLATINUM member! 

- Kellie Poulsen-Grill



I am so glad I chose to elevate myself and be around amazing leadership that you can only receive as a PLATINUM member! 

- Natalie Clayton



Over 4 years ago I went to the RISE Conference. Sandra Yancey spoke and like many of us, it feels like it was right to me. She said that there will be people in your life that are not cheering for you, it may even feel like they are against you. These people are often people you love and people that love you. You don't have to leave them behind you just have to learn to limit your time with them. This gave me permission to have boundaries on the time and space they took up in my life. Simply put, this saved not only my business but my sanity. When I realized I had bigger dreams than most people in my life, I started spending time with new people, many of these are within eWomenNetwork! eWomenNetwork has opened my lens exponentially. I recently turned 55, and I have no doubt that the best is yet to come. #grateful

- Irmadene Hanson


PLATINUM is like getting a seat at the table - you know, “THAT” table - where the movers and shakers sit, where the mindset isn’t “if” but “how”, where the conversations are the ones that actually shift your thinking and tweak your business in the right direction, not to mention the community and lifelong relationships that have been formed. It’s a no brainier! 

- Pamela Zimmer



The PLATINUM-MEMBERS ONLY “Strategic Business Introductions” online events alone are worth the price of admission! You’re having meaningful conversations with women who are at a different level, mindset, and stage of business. The conversations are elevated and it allows you to move further faster! It’s like rocket fuel for your business! 

- Liz Dederer



This year, at the PLATINUM Summit, with the support and encouragement of my PLATINUM sisters, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and publicly declared my outrageous goal of becoming the national-recognized authority on Special Needs Financial Planning. I would never have been able to do this without my PLATINUM sisters holding me up and their belief in me. As of this point, I am WELL ON THE way to achieving that. PLATINUM is my tribe, my support system and my guiding star.  

- Vivian Villers 


Recap of your Standard Member Success Package Benefits


Your Exclusive Business Profile.

Posted in our members-only secured area. This is where members find you and learn about what you have to offer. Read More...


Premier Business Building Networking Events!

We host over 1,500 live events annually throughout the U.S. and Canada. Read More... 


One-On-One Success Coaching!

You get to choose among a dynamic and accomplished team of eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coaches. Read More... 


Incredible Monetize Me Now Profit System.

This is the formula for creating a MILLION DOLLAR successful enterprise. Read More... 


Sip, Tip & Talk with Sandra Yancey.

Once a month, Sandra Yancey hosts a live webinar to share new insights, strategies and ideas. Read More... 


How to Maximize Every Networking Opportunity.

As a member you will receive the 12 Critical Steps to Networking from the President of eWomenNetwork. Read More... 


The GLOW Project Movie!

Free Download of The Critically Acclaimed Glow Project Movie. "The most inspiring movie ever created for women," says the Orlando Film Festival. Read More... 


Exclusive Preferred Partner Discounts on Goods and Services.

As a member, you get to access preferred discounted pricing and perks from companies like: UPS, Liberty Mutual, Infusionsoft, KAJABI, Synduit, StarPower Studios and more. Read More... 


Access to your home chapter members-only Facebook Group 

As a member, you will receive access to your private home chapter members only Facebook Group.


Access to our members only International Facebook Group

As a member, you will receive access to our private members only Facebook Group International!


$200 off PRO Speaker membership.

As a member, you get $200 off of your Pro Speaker Membership. Read More....

** GLOW Project Movie is made available via Vimeo On Demand Only.
*** How to Maximize Every Networking Opportunity download is available in the Membership Toolkit.
Discount on our PRO Speakers Membership is only good within your first 6 months of becoming an eWomenNetwork Member. Not valid with any other discounts.