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Su Menzies-Runciman

Managing Director

Platinum Donor

In an ever-shrinking world, opportunities are opening up globally! As entrepreneurs and business owners we are reaching global audiences with the aid of technology, leveraging our businesses to bring the freedom to work around our lifestyles.

Here at eWomen Network we are committed to helping each other – ‘give first, share always and lift as you climb’ – we are a global group across three continents who are there for you.

We use our individual skills and expertise to brainstorm our businesses. We look for ways we can help each other and, most importantly, it’s a safe space to test new ideas – we all know what it’s like and we are all on the same journey. It’s a journey that’s better together! ‘Teamwork to make the dream work’.

One of my passions is mental health - this is so important, especially to business owners, to be passionate about your business whilst also devoting the time you desire to your family, friends and never forgetting yourself, is a challenge!

I am so excited to be the Managing Director of the eWomenNetwork Preston chapter and bringing eWomenNetwork to the UK. Having been part of the network for the last two years in the States, I’ve seen just how much it brings people together and really transforms businesses. 

It is my honour to serve this chapter and I am looking forward to creating an environment where business owners and professionals can come together to connect globally, so that you can build your business with all the support, knowledge, proven systems and with as much fun as possible.

I look forward to meeting you and to learn the strategic connections you need to grow your business to the next level. 

Please contact me to learn more about our chapter.