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Woman on Top: How to Win in a Woman's Way


Karen Koenig


Learn how the author took experiences in 3 different male-dominated industries and how you can apply these lessons to everyday life and to be successful in any field while keeping your femininity and grace.

- Overcoming perfection is a common obstacle women must face

- Success in your field or any field doesn't mean self-sacrificing self-care

- You are either growing or you are going

Speaker Bio

Karen Koenig has over 30 years of experience in male-dominated fields. She spent 26 years in the military, 6 years in aerospace and then changed careers entirely and went into financial services in 2015.

In the military, Karen rose to the rank of Major and she figured out quickly that you can’t command people but learned you can only advise and guide. She then took that experience into the aerospace industry, and not only did she advise and guide, Karen learned it was not about perfection but getting the job done well. 

Not wanting to continue in corporate America, Karen then opened a financial services business. There she has learned, along with her other experiences, that success doesn’t mean self-sacrifice and to stand in her power and behind what she believes in.

All these experiences, military, aerospace and financial services have shaped Karen to write the book Woman On Top: How To Win In a Woman’s Way, so women can know they don’t have to take a step back but a step forward into their success.

Karen was born and raised in Nebraska and now lives in Washington State with her partner and daughter.

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