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Why Your Digital Footprint Matters Now More Than Ever


Beth Riegger

Why Your Digital Footprint Matters Now More Than Ever
7 Keys to Website Success

Look, we all know things have changed since late February early March of 2020. Nothing like this has ever happened, not to this magnitude. So, what do we as business owners need to do? Pivot and pivot now.

What does this mean? You need to review your digital footprint by analyzing your website and social media to make sure everything is running ship-shape. I will go over the key points you need to pay attention to, resources to help you determine if you are on the right track, and action items to make changes now so your digital footprint is working for you. 

  • What is a digital footprint?

  • Why is important?

  • What do you need to review?

  • Resources to help you determine if these items are on the right track.

  • Action items to make changes now.

Speaker Bio

Using her 30+ years in sales and marketing, as well as her 12 years in web design, Beth helps clients create smart and effective marketing strategies. She starts with an inventory of their digital footprint (as well as analog!) to assess where they are marketing right now and how well it's working for them. Then she discusses who their target market is. Next, Beth does some major research to figure out what the best course of action should be for their budget to reach their target market. What they end up with is a clear marketing plan to give them the most bang for their buck.

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Irmadene Hanson
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