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Marcia Riner

Financial Business Strategist
Fractional CFO
Certified Financial Planner

As business owners we push ourselves to make more money & see more clients to grow our profits. It’s time we take a step back and understand our numbers. From there we can make great financial decisions that produce greater profits.  And it doesn’t require an accounting degree either. 

It’s all based on a very simple equation: income – expenses = profits.

~What if you could find passive & complementary ways to increase your income without taking more time?
~What if every dollar you spent could produce an income?

I’ve found smart and easy ways to increase income and create strategic spending strategies to increase profits fast so that you will increase your profits! 

Every business decision involves money.  The way to grow your profits is to create a workable financial business plan.  Your guests will walk away with steps they can implement tomorrow on:

How to get clarity on what you have and what it’s doing for you today

How to get control over your income and spending

How to get a jump start on growing your profits fast

Speaker Bio

Since 1997 Marcia has successfully taken many entrepreneurs & small businesses to greater profits in as little as 87 days with her strategies, consulting, & coaching.  She has found a way of creating bigger profits without chasing more clients.  In her new book Big Profit Secrets-Exposed, she discusses the strategies & action steps needed to grow profits.

Marcia is a Platinum Member.  She is a Financial Business Strategist, Fractional CFO & Certified Financial Planner with over 22 years in the financial services industry.  She has a degree in Business & Finance, comes from a family of business owners, & has ran 3 successful businesses in real estate & financial services.

Facilitated By

Julie Kraschinsky
Managing Director


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