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Understanding 4 Behavior Styles that Impact Your Success


Mavis Lamb

Reputation and Referral Engineer

Does your impact mirror your intent? 
Behavioral Success for Today's Business

In today's business world, what we say, what we mean, and how we are perceived are vital pieces to being successful. Learn about four behavioral styles: How to recognize, network, communicate and do business with them. You will be more successful and have stronger business relationships when your impact mirrors your intent 

  • Identify YOUR primary behavioral style 

  • Recognize OTHERS primary behavior style

  • Get KEYS for communicating with each behavior 

  • Understand the difference between impact and intent - and the role they play in your business success.

Speaker Bio

RARE – Reputation and Referral Engineers – is the culmination of Beth Vosmeier and Mavis Lamb’s combined expertise in marketing, messaging and business savvy. Together they share more than 30 years of experience as referral and relationship marketing experts, and have developed numerous presentations, trainings and workshops for business professionals from solo-preneurs to CEOs, all with the end result of making people more successful.

And they know what it really takes to be successful!

Beth Vosmeier owns Visual Print Solutions, a print and promotional products company with 25 years of proven results. She counts clients in years, not projects and knows her clients well. That means she recognizes marketing opportunities clients may not even realize exist, thereby delivering the best ROI possible.

Mavis is an author and ghostwriter through her company Mambo Productions. Her ability to help people tell their story and engage audiences is a talent she shares across several mediums including books, videos and marketing content. For nearly 30 years, she has been creating award-winning projects and best-selling books that make a positive impact.

Whatever the product or service, Beth and Mavis know the most vital commodity a business has is its people. That’s why they work with companies to strengthen and empower employee teams toward success…because good people are RARE.

Facilitated By

Marianne Marlow
Managing Director


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