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Tune Out, Tune In and Reclaim Your Well Being


Jennifer Cochran, LMT,CLT

I an expert at getting people moving again after illness or injury.
Second Generation Master Pilates Teacher, Yoga Therapy & Cancer Exercise Specialist
Founder of Fitness Design Solutions, LLC

After over 10 years of getting people moving, I know all the reasons people struggle with prioritizing well being are also the same reasons they struggle in their businesses.

As humans we often take better care of our car then we do our bodies. We are more connected to our electronic devices and "social networks" then we are to other actual humans. 

As business owners we are driven to serve others, yet we are the last item on our to do list and caring for our body, mind and spirit is the first thing to hit the cutting room floor when we are overwhelmed.

Yet the ability to tune out the noise and tune in to your own intuition is the key to being more productive, serving more people, and reclaiming your well being. Let me show you how.

Participants will walk away empowered with 3 tools to keep their well being front and center.

Speaker Bio

Meeting you where you are and getting you moving after illness & injury since 2008.

I have experienced firsthand how this work has helped to heal my body after both an injury and illness. I used all of these therapies following a car accident in 2006 to rehab a knee trauma and later following a bilateral mastectomy in 2016. These experiences give me unique insight into what you may be experiencing, both physically and psychologically while you are getting moving again.

Are you ready to stop letting your mind and your body decide what you are capable of?Are you ready to truly move into living and loving your life?

If you are saying, “Yes!” Then let me help you.

Facilitated By

Ellie Rome-Reed
Managing Director

(571) 358-4358

Event Information

Start Date 11/28/2018 11:30 AM
End Date 11/28/2018 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location Chantilly National Golf & Country Club
14901 Braddock Rd
Centreville VA 20120
United States
Chapter Northern Virginia,VA
14901 Braddock Rd
    Centreville VA 20120
    United States

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