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Transformational Power of the Feminine Leadership


Lana Elco

*Intl. Feminine Empowerment Coach
*Relationship & Intimacy Expert

How modern empowered women who integrate their Feminine qualities can transform their relationships and business and  develop the skills of intimate leadership. 

The goal of Feminine leadership is to serve LIFE versus "dry" results. Feminine leadership is based on connection, collaboration and co-creation versus competition,  power struggle, "win and lose" paradigm. 

Learning about basic skills of feminine leadership and Feminine empowerment. 

Speaker Bio

Lana Elco is an international Feminine Empowerment & Relationship Coach, the Founder of "Her Intimate Universe" project, speaker and Women’s leader. She helps women from all over the world discover their Feminine Power and create personal relationships and businesses from that place. Lana inspires bright, ambitious and independent women to intimately know themselves, their relationships and their businesses. She believes in the transformational power of the Feminine, and offers an alternative Feminine way called “intimate leadership”. Lana’s approach helps women-entrepreneurs create deep personal relationships and run their businesses with ease, joy and pleasure.

Lana hosts her own weekly LIVE Show “Intimacy with the World”, has been a guest speaker on podcasts, live events for women-entrepreneurs, had multiple interviews with inspiring transformational leaders.  

Facilitated By

Beth Sharma
Managing Director

(805) 368-6047

Event Information

Start Date 05/28/2019 11:30 AM
End Date 05/28/2019 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location Scott Conference Center
6450 Pine St
Omaha NE 68106
United States
Chapter Omaha, NE
6450 Pine St
    Omaha NE 68106
    United States

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