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The Three Pillars of Business Success


Claire Jones

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The Three Pillars of Business Success

After spending years working within small businesses & art organizations and seeing their leaders struggle to build sustainable, scalable businesses, Claire embarked on a deep dive into what exactly it took to grow a business without burning out.⁣

She devoured any business and wellness resource she could find, until she identified a variety of research-backed themes that were consistent across the board - themes that could be applied to most small businesses & art organizations systematically and strategically.

In this vein, she created her three pillars of business success and devoted herself to teaching these frameworks to as many business builders as possible: Sustainable Schedules, Marketing Strategies, and Processes & Systems.

You will learn:

  • Why are Sustainable Schedules important? Because your business's sustainability depends on your personal sustainability. You can't pour from an empty cup!

  • Why are Marketing Strategies important? Because you need to make sales and you need to do it with intentional forethought to make sure you're focusing your efforts instead of taking a scatter shot approach.

  • Why are Processes & Systems important? Because you need to have the right business tools and day-to-day routines to keep yourself on track and working efficiently.

Speaker Bio

Claire is an experienced speaker, certified Leadership Coach, & Business Consultant that has worked with arts organizations & small businesses for 15 years. As someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle to build a sustainable business, her mission is to help badass business builders create systems that scale & grow their businesses without burning out. She now combines her coaching & business consulting expertise with a background in research & an obsession with systems to focus on the three foundations for business success: Sustainable Schedules, Marketing Strategies, and Processes & Systems. As a result, her clients are able to step away from having to do everything themselves & devote more time to the things they love.

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Marianne Marlow
Managing Director


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