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The Business of Soul-fullness


Anne Redelfs, MD

The Business of Soul-fullness
Soul Listener
Gardener of the Soul

In this talk, I will share some of the psychological or soul conditions that contribute to common problems in our businesses:

  • Not enough people value our quality products or services.
  • We lack essential information and help.
  • We overwork in compensation.

Audience members will learn to look into the mirror of their businesses and make some soulful internal adjustments, which can result in heartfelt improvements in both areas.

Speaker Bio

During medical school, Anne began hearing the soul of her patients explaining why they had the symptoms that they did. There was always a good reason. Their souls wanted them to develop themselves, and each symptom was a message of which changes were most urgent. She has written four books about what she's learned from this soul-listening.

Anne has been a Toastmaster for 12 years, achieving the Distinguished Toastmaster award. She is also a graduate of the National Speakers Association's Charbonneau Academy. She has spoken at conferences, workshops, and other events in the US and UK. Her passion is to introduce people to their souls and help them to understand their language, which is ever-guiding them to grow. 

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Suzanne Johns
Managing Director

972 639-6396

Event Information

Start Date 02/25/2021 11:30 AM
End Date 02/25/2021 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Central
Online - Zoom
United States
Chapter North Dallas/Plano, TX

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