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the Boston rules - Staying Out of the Doghouse


Richard Casavant

Author, Speaker, Trainer
Building Business at the Speed of Relationships

Staying out of the Doghouse

(focuses on rules # 4, # 6 and # 9)

Being “in the doghouse” is an idiom for being in trouble with

someone who can affect your life. Ever been in the doghouse?

Using behaviour examples from our pets, this entertaining

presentation addresses how we get ourselves in and out of the

proverbial dog house at work and at home.

It is all in the recovery

Morals are for ourselves; Manners are for others

The essence of communicating is understanding your intent

You’re either contributing to, or contaminating a situation every time you speak or act.

 The end result of communication is understanding

Speaker Bio

Richard Casavant is a dynamic Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer recognized for his professionalism, varied industry knowledge and ability to change people’s perspectives one individual at a time. With over 25 years specializing in corporate Organizational Development, Learning & Development, and Training & Education, Richard now brings his enthusiasm to the stage with his book The Boston Rules, Building Relationships Like A Dog. Through his passion for change and love of dogs, as a dog trainer, he saw the opportunity to apply his training techniques to organizational behavior that combines a humorous yet practical approach to human relationships. Because communication with dogs is non-verbal, he uses observation and intuition to help ‘dogs with people problems’. ‘Thinking like a dog’ forced him to look at his training results to make sure his behavior was creating a positive and approachable environment, which in turn, prompted him to look at how business and personal relationships are built.

Facilitated By

Yvonne Basten
Executive Managing Director

(403) 969-5059

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