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The 6 Hour Work Day:


Shawn Haywood

Stop Doing "Everything" Yourself: 3 Secrets to Getting The Support You Need At Home Or At Work (Without Dropping Any Balls!)
Strategic Planning Isn't Just For Business: 3 Essential Elements of Emotionally Profitable Relationship & Financially Profitable Business
6 Hour Work Day: Systematize Your Business For 6 Hour Days, So You Can Stress Less & Live More

30 Days to 6 Hour Work Days- So You Can Cut Out The Stress & Spend More Time Playing, Relaxing & Connecting with Those You Love!

Let's face it, professional women and female entrepreneurs work FAR TOO MUCH- often with little financial or emotional profit! There are many reasons for this: perfectionist, not having enough support, over-over-achieving… you get it! But, what if there were a way to work 6 hour work days? What if you could close that laptop around 4 pm with no regrets, no fears, and no ANXIETY!? What if you could relax, rest, read, go for a yoga class (or all the above) essentially every evening with NO GUILT!?

Sound impossible?

I promise, the 6 hour day (or 30 hour week) is more than possible. Shawn does it, her husband does it and so do most of clients- AND you can too!

    • KEY PILLARS to making the 6-hour work day a seriously INSPIRING reality- So that you can finally de-stress, let go of feeling frantic, and get some ZEN + down time in your life with the people you love!
    • Learn the DIRTY LITTLE SECRET that keeps you stuck in chronic busyness, stress & overwhelm (& remove it)!
    • Uncover the #1 thing you need to learn about YOURSELF before you can make the 6-hour work day a reality- AND WHEN YOU DO… you will be unstoppable in the art of working less and making more! 

Speaker Bio

“I had no idea I wanted to be a liberation expert …. I just new I wanted to be free.”  

Dr. Shawn Haywood, Founder, Business & Lifestyle Design ARCHITECT of the Liberated Living Lifestyle


First and foremost, Shawn has a huge, giving, loving heart.  She is a dynamic soul with equal parts free-spirit, commitment, and love!  She has a beautiful ability to see the true perfection and authentic nature in all people, a gift that she says, 'Allows me to help people uproot old patterns, locate blind spots and create the most amazing life and business they can conjure up!'


Over the last 19 years, Shawn has advised and helped nurture the lives and businesses of many leaders thriving today. She has helped her clients increase revenues from the tens of thousands of dollars into the millions.  And to birth healthy, loving relationships, while learning to create strong boundaries and great personal and professional routines and rituals.


Shawn and been seen Speaking to organizations such as UPS and on television for broadcasts like CBS.


Although Shawn's career has been full of many outstanding triumphs, what fills her with the most joy is the achievements of her clients:


“Nothing makes me more proud or excited, sometimes to the point of tears, as when I see a client have a big breakthrough and share a success story that has changed her life, multiplied her income, or unified a troubled marriage.”

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Melissa Taylor
Managing Director


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