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Talmar Anderson, Brendy Hantzes and a couple of surprises!


Talmar Anderson

From Overwhelm To Strategy: IAMM The Boss!
No Frankenstiens (And Other Hiring Myths Debunked!)
Hiring Triggers: Know When To Hire

Join us for our panel of guest speakers!

Speaker Bio

Powerful, thought provoking, and personable, Talmar Anderson knows how to create dramatic shifts in your audience's perspective on what it means to be the boss of their businesses. Talmar's historical success in speaking at conferences enhance both the positive spirit and the delivery of immediately usable insight and "how to" for each attendee. Not about “cracking the whip” - Talmar’s “fluff free” approach is relatable, creates real results, and is instantly beloved by audiences at large.

Talmar is founder of Boss Actions (Talmar It Up) and CEO of TrustEd At Home.  She is a former host of "Business Side" of Business Podcast and was featured on 2018/2019 "Fix My Brand" with Ali Craig Internet TV show.

Facilitated By

Theresa White
Managing Director


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