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Diane Logsdon

Your Master of Disaster
Preparedness Rock Star
Cheerleader for Resilience

Is your business prepared to survive a major or catastrophic disaster?
How do take the lessons we JUST learned and apply them to the next disaster? 
This presentation is aimed at the basic concepts of the recovery from a disaster. And recovery stems from strong preparedness and planning. From individual preparedness to immediate actions through continuity of operations, the concepts can be applied to natural, public health, technological and man-made or malicious disasters.  

Participants will learn:
How to decide what preparation means to them/their organization
What response actions they can take in response to an incident type 

What the Must, Should and May do elements of their business are

How to package the above into an emergency management framework

Speaker Bio

With 25 years of disaster response and emergency planning experience in 20+ states, it is likely that this Master of Disaster has worked in YOUR area. 
Diane has deployed to over 100 Federally declared disasters, worked for volunteer, local, state and Federal government and academic institutions to further their preparedness and response capabilities. In addition to her emergency management roles, Diane teaches police recruits through Chiefs and CEOs in preparedness concepts at academy, community college and University levels across the US and territories. 
Diane has had the opportunity to "take the (plenary) stage" at the Intl Association of Emergency Managers on two occasions in addition to numerous local and regional presentations.

Facilitated By


Florence Haley
Managing Director


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Start Date 06/16/2020 11:00 AM
End Date 06/16/2020 01:45 PM
Timezone America/Chicago
Zoom Online
United States
Chapter Beloit, WI
United States

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