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Stop Making These Mistakes & Achieve Business Adventure Mastery


Sandra Abbey

Small Business Strategy & Results Coach
Author, Speaker, Trainer
Leadership Development Workshop Facilitator

Learn how to stop making the three limiting mistakes most women solo-entrepreneurs make, so you can achieve Business Adventure Mastery! Most women solo entrepreneurs and small business owners spend their time working long hours that don't produce the measurable business results they want. They end up feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.  You'll learn the 4-step strategic planning process and leadership skills needed to create a client-focused business that makes a huge difference in the lives of your ideal clients and achieve measurable business results like more clients, steady revenue streams, and the entrepreneurial lifestyle you always wanted.

You'll learn the three mistakes most women entrepreneurs make, and how to use the four steps below to stop making these mistakes forever:

  1. Connect With Your Core

  2. Cast Your Vision

  3. Know Your Numbers

  4. Take Action 

Speaker Bio

Sandra Abbey is a small business strategy and results consultant and leadership coach. Solo entrepreneurs hire her because most are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and wondering when they will ever achieve the lifestyle they dreamed of when they started their own business. That's not uncommon, but it doesn't have to be that way. It is possible to achieve Business Adventure Mastery (TM): Being passionate about delivering services  you love to your ideal clients, while getting measurable results like more of the best clients, a reliable source of income, and the lifestyle you always wanted. Our four strategic planning process and leadership program walks you through creating a client-focused business that makes a difference and gets results.

Facilitated By

Heather Sharpe
Managing Director

(604) 314-8685

Event Information

Start Date 07/05/2018 12:00 PM
End Date 07/05/2018 02:00 PM
Informal Networking 11:30 AM
Location Smack Dab View Room at Manteo Resort
3762 Lakeshore Road
Kelowna BC V1W3L4
Chapter Okanagan,BC
3762 Lakeshore Road
    Kelowna BC V1W3L4

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