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Adera Angelucci

Award Winning Director l Producer
Speaker l Host l MC
Business Coach to Spiritually Minded Women Entrepreneurs

Sharing your light so often means finding the courage to tell your story—sometimes to many, many people. 

That’s why Adera’s signature talk is an interactive event utilizing her years of media and storytelling experience to empower you to share your message. Adera’s gift is making you feel at ease in front of cameras and crowds alike, and teaching you to share your stories clearly and confidently. Adera will guide you through the process of honing and delivering your message and letting your soul shine radiantly. It’s a fun-filled experience that will chase away the fear of being seen, leaving you inspired, reinvigorated, and ready to share your light without shame.

* How to tap into your deep soul message 
* How to share it without fear 
* How to use video to attract your ideal clients

Speaker Bio

Adera Angelucci is a natural promoter, connector and motivational speaker who weaves humour and insight into her inspirational tales of outside-the-box living. Her passion is inspiring others to own and share their light. She helps people to become authentic storytellers and joyful risk-takers, confident in their ability to build connections and move humanity forward.

Her signature talk, ignited by her infectious energy, is for people looking to build their community and reach a bigger audience by spreading their message.

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Facilitated By

Erin Acton
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 02/11/2020 06:00 PM
End Date 02/11/2020 08:00 PM
Informal Networking 4:30 pm
Location Uplands Golf Course
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
Victoria BC
Chapter Victoria, BC
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
    3300 Cadboro Bay Road
    Victoria BC

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02/09/2020 49.00 $ 49.0 CAD CAD

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02/09/2020 59.00 $ 59.0 CAD CAD

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02/09/2020 89.00 $ 89.0 CAD CAD

02/12/2020 65.00 $ 65.0 CAD CAD

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02/12/2020 75.00 $ 75.0 CAD CAD

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02/12/2020 69.00 $ 69.0 CAD CAD

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02/12/2020 79.00 $ 79.0 CAD CAD

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02/12/2020 109.00 $ 109.0 CAD CAD

02/12/2020 10.00 $ 10.0 CAD CAD

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