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Calling all SPEAKERS!

Get ready for an unforgettable two days of inspiration, transformation, and your chance to be in North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest! 

Announcing SPEAKonomics, a two-day action-packed speaker training extravaganza! It's where emerging speakers and seasoned pros converge to gain fresh new ideas, refine their skills, and unlock their full potential.

AND, in addition to SPEAKonomics, you can apply for your chance to showcase your skills at our North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest.

This is TWO incredible events rolled into one epic experience.

SPEAKonomics, two-days of unmatched speaker training and North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest!

SPEAKonomics and
North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest 

Thursday, October 24, 2024 and
Friday, October 25th 2024
[9:00 AM – 4:00 PM both days]

To Be Announced

Just $297 for both days of SPEAKonomics. 

Additional $25 Application fee* for North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest.

This is not just an event; it's an opportunity to ignite your speaking career and make a name for yourself in the world of public speaking!

Event Speakers


Hi, my name is Esta McIntyre. I'm the CEO of my health studio and flourish after 50 I have never been a public speaker. I've always wanted to do it and. The PremierSpeakers Group has been amazing for me. It's taken me out of my comfort zone, but it's also stripped me of the apathetic fear that you get when you're learning how to speak in front of a crowd.  So, I'm so thankful. I'm so thankful for Toni Caruso and the entire eWomenNetwork group. Thank you.

Esta McIntyre
Las Vegas Chapter

Hi, I'm Susie Prudden. Itty Bitty Publishing, where we publish small books that make a big difference. I've been speaking for probably 40 years and SPEAKonomics gave me more information that I have received throughout my entire career. Everybody that presented gave me a new piece to improve my speaking career. I recommend this event for everybody who is a speaker who wants to be a speaker who's just not sure. Come to SPEAKonomics the next time it's in your area and be part of that forward movement that we're making a difference in the world and speaking is the way to do it.

Suzy Prudden
Orange County Chapter

Hey, I'm Ebony Agee and. I'm here in Orange County at SPEAKonomics. This event has been so amazing. I've met such wonderful ladies here and hearing all the speakers that we had today was so cool. I really loved learning about the business of speaking, how to communicate an impactful message. And I love learning about the mechanics of speaking, which I hadn't learned before. So definitely come on down the next time we have it and don't miss out.

Ebony Agee
Orange County Chapter

I am Jenny Harkleroad. I am the owner of Balance You and the Managing Director of the eWomenNetwork in San Diego.  I'm here at SPEAKonomics in Orange County and what an amazing event this has been. I've been speaking for quite a few years and I'm always looking for more tips, tricks, tools and techniques to get on more stages and to be more effective. Getting my message out there. Getting seen and known and heard and liked and trusted and making more sales. So SPEAKonomics was a great way to really learn from a lot of experts in the industry on what I can do to up my game. And I made some amazing connections and I'm so glad I came and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Jenny Harkleroad
San Diego Chapter

SPEAKonomics has been such an amazing experience for two days we have had some of the best training that I've ever had. Some of the best speakers I've ever had, and one of the best things about this is actually the women in the room like these are real powerhouse. Women who are serious about their speaking careers, and so it's been a just an awesome mix of expertise, training and collaboration. I can't recommend it more highly.

Lia Pinelli
San Diego Chapter

Hi, I'm Jana Rosenblatt and I'm here at the SPEAKonomics event in California. It's an eWomenNetwork event and eWomenNetwork events are always the highest option of educational opportunities that I can experience. Everyone arrives with so much self-knowledge and the ability to share their knowledge with everyone. Toni Caruso and her team put together an amazing event. The highlight for me was watching the 11 contestants in the North America's Next Greatest Speaker. Competition. Every one of them had three minutes to tell the arc of a whole story. It was not only inspirational, but it was really informational for me to see how successful, enlightening, and powerful they were. I'm really grateful that I was able to attend this today event.

Jana Rosenblatt
Calabasas Chapter

My name is Naomi and I am Mending Kids Forever. What an honor to be at SPEAKonomics and meet so many wonderful women, and a few men. To learn. To grow.  To network. To exchange ideas. To collaborate and create a tremendous future. You’ve got to come.

Naomi Carmona-Morshead
Orange County Chapter

Hey, Neil Palache, here with eWomenNetwork Calabasas, as usual. Toni Caruso and eWomenNetwork blew it up. It was awesome. What a great two-day event.  I learned a ton of stuff from all the people that they had here speaking and from everybody else in the room. Really, really going to help me with my speaking. I'm looking forward to implementing many of the ideas that I got and thanks so much for putting on such a great event.

Neil Palache
Calabasas Chapter

SPEAKonomics, what an incredible event, as a public speaking and communication coach, we go to a lot of speaking events, I have to tell you that if you try to get this knowledge and wisdom from somewhere, you would have to go to multiple events and pay thousands and thousands of dollars. This event is such a gift you should not miss it next time you have the opportunity to attend. This is an incredible gift. The speakers are phenomenal. The people in the room are absolutely generous and talented, and this is the event not to be missed.

Sonia Maslovskaya
Calabasas Chapter

Hi, my name is Melissa, I am the founder and CEO of the Avanti Business Academy for Women and I came today thinking I was just going to sit and listen to some really great talks and they were all very great, but we actually had to do work. Although I was kind of resistant to that at that in the beginning it ended up being super valuable for me. Actually, taking the time and investing in myself and my business and creating some intention around growing my presence as a speaker and as a podcaster. I really appreciated being here to learn and also do the work.

Melissa Kellogg Lueck
Northern Colorado Chapter

This event is amazing. I've been in the eWomen Speakers Network for many years, first time as a paid member actually, and this event rocks. I tell you, I've been speaking for 20 years, but I'm still getting tips on how to hone my message, find my ideal clients and all the podcasting tips were just amazing.  I'm walking away with some good stuff, and I highly recommend you get to the next SPEAKonomics.

Katrina Sawa
Sacramento, California Chapter

I am at SPEAKonomics today I am actually at the very first SPEAKonomics event in Denver. It is one of the most fresh and wonderful things I've done and I just can't impress upon you enough that if you haven't gone to a SPEAKonomics event go and if you want to be a part of the eWomenSpeakersNetwork that is something you should do also.

Kate Paine
Colorado Springs, Colorado Chapter

I am Jentry Potter with Red Carpet Rides and I help women to have a safe and quality driving experience. I want to tell you why do you need to be here? Well, first of all, I didn't want to be here this morning. Confession. I know. Am I the only one? I don't know. I was really just feeling like a lot has been going on in my world and you know the negative voices in my head were talking loudly and telling me you don't belong here. You don't belong in this room. But I will tell you why you belong in this room, I realized from the experiences that I've had today from the conversations that I've had at my table, from the conversations that I've had as women have come up to me, giving me a hug and said hello from the speaker panel, from the speaker, the guest speakers that have come up here. Today I gained clarity on my message. I gained clarity on who I serve. I gained clarity on why I'm here, and just so many things have come out of it. It's been a massive, amazing day and that all happened in the first half of day one. So we still have day two and it's the first event in Denver, so. Thank you, Toni, and thank you Sandra Yancey, for this amazing opportunity with SPEAKonomics.

Jentry Potter
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hi, I'm Julie Miller. Davis. I'm here at SPEAKonomics Denver Colorado. So fun. I just want to tell you if you have even an inkling of, a thought about up leveling you're speaking, becoming a speaker, or if you've been a speaker, this is the place for you to be. We have learned so much on honing our messages, honing our opportunities for speaking, and this is not just a conference where you're being trained and spoken at this is interactive workshop. You are doing what they are asking us to do that we might go home with our notes and hope to do someday. You're actually doing it while you're in the room. If you have any, any thoughts of traveling to where we are in the coming months at SPEAKONOMICS  get on a plane, get in your car and be there?

Julie Miller Davis
Colorado Springs, Colorado Chapter

Ticket Type Valid Through Price Quantity
Speakonomics Event Ticket - Member
10/21/2024 297.00 297.0 USD USD

Speakonomics Event Ticket + Table - Member
10/21/2024 600.00 600.0 USD USD

Speakonomics NANGS Application - Member
10/25/2024 25.00 25.0 USD USD

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Speakonomics Event Ticket - Non-Member
10/21/2024 297.00 297.0 USD USD

Speakonomics Event Ticket + Table - Non-Member
10/21/2024 600.00 600.0 USD USD

Speakonomics NANGS Application - Non-Member
10/25/2024 25.00 25.0 USD USD


Date & Time

October 24, 2024

Start - 9:00 AM Friday

October 25, 2024

End - 4:00 PM
Informal Networking Time: 8:30 AM

Calgary, AB

--Calgary, AB--
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Facilitated By

Toni Caruso


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