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Shawna Halley

M&M Transformation Success Speaker
Shifting Perceptions-Certified Life Coaching & Author
Let your dreams take flight-Woman be RAW

Imaging the three intentions as your personal thermostat setting- you determine the quality of each interaction and purposeful engagement with all of life: to be clear; to decide, and to be present are the self-care gifts you give to yourself and others. Take deep breaths and reach for an M&M.  

1.  Intention of Clear Expectations-What I expect from/for myself and others.

2.  Intention to Decide in advance-commit to and take action when expectations are/are not met.  

3.  Intention to be Present to remain in FAITH not fear. What is FAITH vs. fear emotions?

Speaker Bio

As a 'Transformative Thought'-Teacher, Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Author Shawna is devoted to making positive contributions to the lives of others. She shows women how to RISE to recognize, to nurture, and to honor the Goddess WITHIN through the "Transformative Thought' process of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-discovery practices. She also believes collectively we collaborate to empower, inspire, and creatively innovate strategic plans that progressively "Make our presence and contribution a generational GIFT to Nations"-sHalley

Shawna has been and still is a highly recognized teacher for over 15 years. Business owner for over 17 years. She has designed a 'Peer Leadership' classroom teaching tool which was adopted by her peers in the educational arena; this document was also published in the Empire Beauty school online magazine "Highlights in Education" Spring-Summer 2012 edition. Becoming a published author of the book "Prism of Poems - Lost and Found Not from Determination but Devastation" was one of the highlights of her life and career; it overlaps seamlessly and is a great inspirational tool for her clients to receive a more in-depth experience of inner transformation. Three additional books are scheduled to be released this coming year. Shawna has hosted her own live broadcast on Comcast and Verizon network television in Richmond, VA called: 'Transformation Power Hour- Honoring the Goddess Within'. She has earned her BS in Human Services, Cosmetology license (instructor), AA-ECE and many certifications in Personal Development and Education. Her most recent addition was DreamBuilder Certified Coach through Life Mastery Institute.

Shawna has made profound differences in the lives of many and is continuing to do so NOW. This awareness continually holds the fire of love and deep desire to be a change agent burning brightly as inspired actions of positive contribution to the world builds momentum for greater good to be exercised through her. Clients are expressing their love and appreciation for the visioning and dream building mindset work she offers and lives; taking them to new heights of success, fulfillment and spiritual aliveness.

Shawna’s own personal journey from disillusion to positive envisioning and dream building makes her the ideal Transformative Thought coach and speaker to assist you in building your dreams and thereby transforming your life.

Facilitated By

Jean Tillery
Managing Director

(804) 240-9447

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Start Date 11/20/2019 11:30 AM
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Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location Stonehenge Golf and Country Club
1000 Farnham Dr
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United States
Chapter Richmond, VA
1000 Farnham Dr
    Ricmond VA 23236
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