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Rock Your Talk & Profit Big


Kristin Thompson

Rock Your Talk & Profit Big
Command Any Room

Speak & Grow Formula: 5-Ways One Talk Can Grow Any Business (even if you’ve never given a talk before)

Kristin Thompson will share:

  • How ANY business can a talk to help boost revenue

  • One quick way to monetize your message (even if you don’t have product to sell)

  • The best way to use speaking with high end offers

  • How speaking can deliver "sales surges" no other platform can

  • And to get started rockin your talk (even if you’ve never given a talk or tried before and felt like it didn’t work)

Speaker Bio

Kristin Thompson is a straight-talkin’, super rockin’, wise-crackin’ speaker & coach, the Founder of “Speak, Serve, Grow”, & Creator of popular programs like “Command Any Room”.

Using her own 5-step speak to sell strategy she went from unknown and broke baby-mama with a limping business, to being the “go-to girl” generating multiple six figures working 3 days a week.

Her simple, one-hour talks have generated $10K, $30K even $50K paydays, and her first live event generated multiple Six-Figures. Kristin’s first program, Command Any Room, made waves in the market for its simple, easy to follow approach to showing entrepreneurs how to turn their message into a talk that generates visibility, leads, clients and cash.

Now Kristin shares her simple strategies with you so you can rock your personality, your talk, and your biz into multiple six figures too.

Facilitated By

Rose Jubb
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 10/15/2019 11:30 AM
End Date 10/15/2019 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00am
Location Etc...Eatery
6500 SW Virginia Avenue
Portland OR 97239
United States
Chapter Portland, OR
Special Announcement About Our New Space:
• Etc... Eatery is an outstanding restaurant and event space with a focus on PNW food and feel that will be lending us their entire restaurent for our luncheons every third Tuesday until we outgrown the space. Thanks, Etc!

• Located in the lovely St. Johns neighborhood near SW Waterfront Portland, it features plenty of street parking and a free parking lot only a block away.

• With the industrial vibe of the restaurant and the luxurious feel of Details Event Planning helping with decor, we should really enjoy the space!
6500 SW Virginia Avenue
    Portland OR 97239
    United States

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