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Steffi Jo Parachou

Premier Essence Style & Presence expert
Owner of Express Your Essence®
Creator of Dress Your Essence

Steffi Jo is available for speaking engagements on topics including:

• Dressing your Authentic Style -What does this mean?

• Authentic Presence and how it speaks through the way you Dress.

• Dressing for Your Brand - It is not just about the Colors!

Speaker Bio

Authentic Style Consultant & Coach, Author & Speaker.

Steffi Jo is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs, who are on a mission to create greater impact and visibility, so they can help serve a greater audience.

She helped innovate a new way of doing business in the General Aviation Parts industry and started her business over 34 years ago. It is her innovative spirit that keeps her asking the same question about everything she observes, “How can I make this better?”.

She asked that same question of herself when she found herself in a deep depression and standing in her closet one morning. A surprising answer was right in front of her, she would put on the one outfit that supported her in feeling the best that she could and one that would help her get through that day. That was in 2008 and her new question became “How can I make myself better?”.

Steffi Jo founded Express Your Essence® in 2009 to help women get to know who they are on the inside and how they are connected to the clothes they choose to wear. How wearing designs that are in alignment creates a visible congruency that supports them in being their best, which impacts their business results.

Steffi Jo shares her experience and knowledge of how to connect, create and cultivate a visible presence in her upcoming book: Show You, Without Speaking a Word; How to Create Impact when Walking in a Room.

Facilitated By

Amy Ostigny
Executive Managing Director

(513) 403-0301
(513) 403-0301

Event Information

Start Date 12/11/2018 05:30 PM
End Date 12/11/2018 07:30 PM
Informal Networking 5:00 PM
Location Kenwood Country Club
6501 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati OH 45243
United States
Chapter Cincinnati,OH
6501 Kenwood Road
    Cincinnati OH 45243
    United States

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