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Master Your Message-How to Convert Networking Opportunities into Clients & Cash


Kricket Harrison

Stand Out and Stay Relevant-Speaking and Messaging for the New Next
Master Your Message-How to Convert Networking Opportunities into Clients and Cash
Speaking Your Mind to Grow Your Business

Mastering Your Message is NOT about marketing. It's about WHO you are at what makes YOU stand out in a crowded marketplace of 30 second-1 minute elevator pitches. Imagine clients coming to you and saying, "I NEED to work with you."  When you understand your core message, and how to deliver it, it can happen!

  • Learn the top 3 mistakes people make and what you can do differently.

  • Learn how to get people to approach you to work with you-no more chasing clients.

  • Learn the #1 key to delivering your message.

  • Be relaxed and confident at networking meetings.

Speaker Bio

Kricket Harrison is a professional speaker, trainer, business productivity coach and the author of Focus to the Finish Line, 5 Steps to Follow-Through and Finally Make Money. She utilizes cutting-edge training, knowledge and personal experience to help her clients maximize their potential by developing strategies for success based on individual learning styles.

Kricket is known for her dynamic and interactive presentations. Understanding that creative thinkers need space to process and create, she delivers engaging workshops that are both informative and entertaining, often to standing room only crowds.

In addition to her own work, Kricket recently served as Lead Coach/Trainer for SPEAK, a professional speaking and business development network.

Kricket resides in Atlanta with her husband of 24 years and her 3 children, 3 dogs and her mom!

Facilitated By

Michelle McGlade
Managing Director


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Start Date 10/15/2020 11:30 AM
End Date 10/15/2020 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Eastern
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Burlington Country Club
568 S Prospect Street 
Burington VT 05401
United States
Chapter Greater Burlington, VT
568 S Prospect Street
    Burington VT 05401
    United States

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