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Life Purpose Intervention: Tapping into your inner wisdom for guidance


Sue Frederick

Best Selling Author of I See Your Dream Job; A Career Intuitive's Guide to what you came here to do; I See Your Soul Mate and Bridges to Heaven; True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side
Career Intuitive Coach, founder of Career Intuitive Coach Training Institute; Grief Intuitive Coach; founder of Grief-Shifting Worshop Institute
Write Your Healing Story workshop facilitator & author of Water Oak: The Happiness of Longing

You are the master of your story. You came here on purpose to make money from your highest gifts, to rise triumphantly above every loss you’ve suffered, and to help raise the consciousness of the planet by helping others. Yes, I mean YOU.

Nothing is stopping you but the fear. And reinvention is ALWAYS required.

Inside each of us is a flawless inner guidance system nudging us to live true to who we came here to be (also known as intuition). The world we live in (and the ego mind) tries to talk us out of listening to this inner guidance. “That dream is too big!” says the world. So we doubt ourselves. Yet our purpose is always greater than we imagine; our gifts more abundant than we comprehend. Now is the time to step up to who you came here to be. The world needs your highest self to show up – the powerful you who you came here to be. This IS your life purpose and NOW is your time.


- Use intuitive tools & techniques to navigate their life & career choices.

- Learn to use Pain as Fuel; to understand what our pain inspires us to offer the world.

- Use affirmations & EPR to raise their vibration & move forward fearlessly.

Speaker Bio

Sue Frederick, lifelong intuitive, is the author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; I See Your Soul Mate & I See Your Dream Job (St. Martin's Press). As a professional career counselor and career intuitive coach, she's taught hundreds of workshops for people seeking meaningful careers and for those who seek alignment with their life purpose. In her workshops, she’s witnessed the profound healing of slipping into your higher self for guidance and inspiration. She brings all of her healing tools to this work to align students with their soul’s highest purpose and to help them create the life they came to live.

Her work has been featured in the New York Times,, Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Natural Health and Complete Woman Magazines.


Facilitated By

Carol Johnson
Managing Director


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