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Kathy Bell

Message Strategist
Face of a Champion, Owner
Kathy Flores Bell, M.A.

The seasons of life are expected, but what about those moments when everything familiar has to be transformed to move through the storm and into your 'next stage'. In 1994 Kathy's third child was borne with one of the ratest marrow conditions in the world, Diamond Blackfan Anemia. As a professional woman going from public speaking, travel, successful educational programming and national publishing to a Pediatric Intensive Care unit, 7 national medical institutions and 25 years later .... the person who started the journey is not the person crossing the finish line.

You will learn, in the midst of chaos and challenge how do you find your anchor? When there is no place to run, how do you stand your ground? When the dust settles and you assess your human conditon how do you embrace the new you?
Ultimately, strength through the journey is inside of you, when you harness this treasure everything including your business will thrive.

Speaker Bio

Kathy Flores Bell, message strategist, published author, educator and producer.

Her work can be found in Harper Collins w/ Dr. Kevin Leman. Her family can be seen on ABC's 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 2009 Year of the Hero, Lizzie Bell. Kathy has learned how to move on and help others do the same. She has maintained her place in the health filed while creating new platforms for pre-health students. Together with her family and their non-profit Kathy educates others to make things better for those who also must follow in these types of footsteps.

From high places to the depth of hell... each moment transforms the journey into the message.

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Carol Johnson
Managing Director

(520) 269-0565

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