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Kick Up Your Profit with Power Presentations: Tips for Using Speaking as a Profitable Business Generator


Kay Fittes

Career Strategist
Women's Powerful Presentations
Business Builder

Could keynotes, seminars or other speaking opportunities be a huge business builder for you? They could, IF you do it right! A poor presentation can set your business back, instead of moving it forward. Do you know the worst way to open a presentation? Do you know how to keep even a distracted audience engaged throughout? Do know the easiest way for audiences to remember your and your take-aways? You will know all these answers and more when you join me for this interactive time together. Use speaking to get name recognition and sell your services/products.

Sure-fire strategies to grab your audience from your first word The irrefutable evidence of why you will want to to add speaking to your business plan Proven formulas that guantee to make your message memorable and action-oriented 3 worst "shoot yourself in the foot" mistakes you may be making when presenting

Speaker Bio

Kay Fittes is the founder and of High-Heeled Success, LLC, specializing in training, keynote presentations, and consulting for career women. Ms. Fittes is an expert of gender behaviors that put women at a disadvantage in the workplace. Her registered trademark, High-Heeled Success, is a system for empowering women to command a competitive edge in the workplace.Ms. Fittes is a the author of: Achieving High-Heeled Success: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed, it is designed as a simple step-by-step guide to creating an executive presence. Kay has presented to almost 100,000 women, in over 2,500 programs showing how to gain visibility in the marketplace, respect of clients, and the perks you deserve. The glass ceiling isn't all that holds women back in the workplace. Kay Fittes guides women in overcoming patterns of behavior that put them at a distinct disadvantage in business and the world of work. Kay takes participants on a journey from insight to action.

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Amy Ostigny
Executive Managing Director

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Start Date 02/05/2020 11:30 AM
End Date 02/05/2020 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location Terrace Park Country Club
5341 S Milford Rd
Milford OH 45150
United States
Chapter Cincinnati, OH
5341 S Milford Rd
    Milford OH 45150
    United States

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