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It's Never Too Late To Say "Yes" to Bigger Things


Lin Bruce

Personal Empowerment Expert
Advocate for Engaging While Aging
Founder of "Yes, I Think I Can!"

Through entertaining stories (and occasional song) from Lin's first transcontinental bicycle ride when she turned 60, Lin shares the benefits of embracing your "Next Big Thing" and the 5 Keys she's used to do it again and again, mile after mile.

Your "next big thing" can change the way you view yourself and your life, opening horizons both literal and metaphorical.

Ordinary people can have extraordinary successes using these 5 Keys:

  1. Make the commitment

  2. Ask for help

  3. Connect with others

  4. Stick with it

  5. Bring humor to your days

Speaker Bio

Personal Empowerment Speaker Lin Bruce is a late blooming cross-country bicyclist, whose first transcontinental ride was in honor of her 60th birthday in 1999. 
Using stories of her bicycle adventures as a metaphor for "reaching  bigger" in one's life, Lin encourages people of any age to reach beyond perceived limitations,  "stretching for ways to bring more life to your days."

When Lin went from biking across town to biking across the country, she shifted the scope of her dreams, discovering "the next big thing" expands one's sense of possibility.  

Entertaining her audience with heartfelt stories and the occasional song, Lin encourages her audiences to keep "engaging while aging."

Facilitated By

Shawndel Spader
Managing Director

651 319-5259

Event Information

Start Date 01/10/2019 11:30 AM
End Date 01/10/2019 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00AM
Location Embassy Suites - Bloomington
2800 American Blvd W
Bloomington MN 55431
United States
Chapter Twin Cities,MN
2800 American Blvd W
    Bloomington MN 55431
    United States

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