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Inside Your Customer's Mind - The Language Of Sales Success!


Alexanne Stone

Inside Your Customer's Mind - The Language of Sales Success!
The Top 3 Networking Mistakes Costing You Business...And How To Avoid Them!

You know how so many sales people are comfortable developing the relationship and talking about how their product will help the customer? Then you get to the part where its time to close the sale and you freeze or you really mess it up and then lose it? Alexanne has refined the skill of the conversational close and your customers will enjoy the relationship you build throughout the entire process. You'll discover early on how to speak in your customers language and qualify quickly getting to the heart of the sale. Once there, you'll discover your own ease in closing powerfully and you will maximize your sales results.

  • How to listen for and speak in your customer's language building

    instant rapport and gaining your customers trust right out the gate.

  • Hot tips on how to overcome limiting beliefs and fear that comes up right at the moment you're about to ask for the sale.

  • How to make the offer to any customer throughout the conversation without sounding like you're selling.

Speaker Bio

Alexanne Stone is a bestselling author, speaker and trainer on the topics of personal transformation and transformation in the business world of sales.Working closely with sales professionals, coaches, mentors, managers and industry leaders on how to navigate your customers through the process in a way that builds solid relationships, gaining their trust and the sale. Combining over 30 years of sales success with 27 years as an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) trainer,

Our speaker, Alexanne Stone, combines 30 years of sales success with 27 years as a trainer in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), to share her secrets with you.

Alexanne language skills refined the “hard close with soft language”. Her extraordinary skills have kept her at the top of her game since the early days of Apple sales in Silicon Valley through years of sales success throughout the country.


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