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How to Prepare for High Stakes Conversations


Carla Rieger

How to Prepare for High-Stakes Conversations
How to Build Your Business Through Speaking
How to Create a Signature Story That Makes Your Business Go Viral

Many businesses fail simply because of poor communication skills. That's because most of us were NOT taught in school how to negotiate complex situations in business.

This system is useful for these kinds of situations:

   * a conflict with a service provider 

   * a client is unhappy

   * a joint venture agreement breaks down

   * a prospect becomes resistant to your offer

In this engaging and practical presentation you'll discover a 5-Part fill-in-the-blanks process to:

  • be your "best self", even if the other person is not 

  • communicate your needs in a way that the other is able to hear

  • find a solution quickly so that all parties are happy with the outcome

Speaker Bio

Carla helps business owners enhance their communication and presentation skills in the face of challenging situations. She has written 5 books on various aspects of public speaking, resilience and communication as well as 100's of articles and over 20 online learning program. She has been involved in the professional speaking industry for 24 years as a speaker, trainer and facilitator. Her academic background includes organizational psychology and conflict resolution. In addition, she has 10 years experience in the performing arts, specifically comedy. She has spoken to over 1000 groups on 4 different continents. As a frequent speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant, Carla helps people communicate effectively in challenging situations such as - pitching your business, conflicts, public speaking or interviews. 

Facilitated By

Lee-Ann Frances Bates
Managing Director

(604) 362-3464

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