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How to Legally Boss Up Your Business


Shevelle McPherson

How to Legally Boss Up Your Business
Sale and Scale with Ease
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Learn 3 legal strategies that will increase your profits, grow your business and protect your assets like a BOSS!  Avoid the common legal pitfalls and business mistakes that most entrepreneurs make that ultimately cost them not only loss of profits but loss of their business.

Learn how to attract higher caliber clients, get paid with ease, protect your assets, safeguard your coaching and consulting programs and protect your intellectual property.

Speaker Bio

Shevelle is an International Business Growth and Legal Expert.  She is also a highly sought after  Award Winning International Speaker and two time number one Best Selling Author. Shevelle supports entrepreneurs in launching and scaling businesses that are  profitable and  legally protected.  Shevelle began her career as a trial attorney and has since built several successful businesses and has ssuccessfuly coached other entrepreneurs to do the same. She specializes in helping business owners launch and scale by integrating legal, business and marketing strategies so they can have a  sustainable business and a lifestyle they love.

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Brenda Layton
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