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Going from NOT Working to Networking: Secrets of a Serial Networker


Anne Garland

Premier Connector, Strategist, Author
Event Producer
I help you get seen by your ideal audience

Did you ever wonder how some people can instantly make a lasting connection? And it’s not through old school fake compliments, unless of course we are talking about women’s shoes.

Historically men network differently than women, however women are getting much better and you can too.

In this Fun Presentation Walk away knowing:

*The #1 mistake we all make when it comes to networking 

*Experience how to easily approach anyone at any networking event while knowing what to say

*Learn 3 proven strategies to instantly become a master  networker to build your sales funnel

Speaker Bio

 You’ve heard of Six Degrees of Separation? Anne Garland can cut that down to one. She is the ultimate connector — and has literally been so since her early career with the telephone company. In a world where who you know can be more powerful than what you know — Anne knows how bring the right people together and produce bold, positive results. 

Using her keen marketing and sales skills from years in corporate and design, Anne’s mission is to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs from playing roles behind the scenes to taking center stage. No matter what your professional need, Anne wants the spotlight on YOU!

Facilitated By

Aina Hoskins
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 03/25/2020 06:30 PM
End Date 03/25/2020 08:30 PM
Informal Networking 6:00pm
Location Town & County Club
22 Woodland Street
Hartford CT 06105
United States
Chapter Greater Hartford , CT
22 Woodland Street
    Hartford CT 06105
    United States

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