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Finding Your Optimum Operating Frequency


Rachelle Niemann

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly told we need to work hard and long hours, grinding it out day after day to be successful. However, I want you to consider that working smarter, taking care of yourself, and finding your optimum state may save you time, energy and frustration. I discuss finding your optimum operating frequency, what you can do to be in this state more often, and the often forgotten or dreaded practice of self-compassion and how it plays into our work. 

Speaker Bio

Rachelle Niemann is the founder and main contributor of Nourishing Worthiness. She is a mental wellness advocate and the author of the book, Breaking Free from the Hustle for Worthiness.  She has been a student of personal growth for decades and has made a significant transformation in the past few years improving her mental wellness, fulfillment, and presence in life. 

Rachelle is a wife, dog mom, ultra-marathoner, and an outdoor adventurer and inspirer. She wonders what is possible if we changed the focus from mental illness to mental wellness, and has learned if we change the way we lead, starting with ourselves, we can change the way we live. 

Facilitated By

Shawndel Spader
Managing Director

651 319-5259

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Start Date 03/14/2019 11:30 AM
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