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Embrace Your Money Personality


Liz Kitchell

SheMoolah, President
Understand Yourself & Your Money
Breaking Down Money Taboos

Your money personality has a HUGE impact on your ability to achieve your dreams — both personal and professional.

In a fun, engaging manner you will uncover your money personalities. They are automatic patterns we have adopted many years ago when they worked for us and sometimes we do not notice them when they no longer work.

Are you the financial hero and your family can withstand this storm? Or are you a romantic and hoping it will all turn out okay? Are you the care-taking type and spending money to make sure your family feels good about themselves even though it leaves you with an inner conflict thinking you should be saving it?

The good news is it is never too late to shift make small shifts and have big results.

Speaker Bio

Many money coaches help people with practical steps to control money. Many coaches teach money is energy and how to manifest it, however, very few coaches combine these approaches and have expertise in both. After 25 years in the financial industry with decades of spiritual learning, Liz's passion is to educate people how to control their money in a way that leaves them connected, rejuvenated and able to make financial decisions with ease. She works with individuals to identify the emotions and stories people tell themselves to stay stuck. Once the emotions and stories have been identified, steps can be taken to demystify myths and eliminate fears to forage steps to financial freedom. 

Facilitated By

Amy Ostigny
Executive Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 05/26/2021 11:00 AM
End Date 05/26/2021 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Eastern
Informal Networking 10:30am
Terrace Park Country Club
5341 S Milford Rd  
Milford OH 45150
United States
Chapter Cincinnati, OH

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