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Dressing the Feng Shui Way for Success


Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Business Strategist
Image & Presence
Visual Branding

As men or women professionals, how we dress makes a huge difference in how we're perceived socially and professionally. It affects our credibility and ability to influence our audience. Psychologists believe that what we wear affects us psychologically: it alters our moods, stimulates our minds, enhances our self-image, making us feel more self-confident and even "powerful," thus increasing our productivity and indirectly, the bottom line. In this fun presentation, participants will learn how to use the Five Feng Shui elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal to dress mindfully.

  • The 5 Elemental Brands of Business 

  • How to build rapport and attract clients with your wardrobe 

  • How to Use Your Wardrobe Strategically to Achieve Results

Speaker Bio

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is an acclaimed author, writer, image & business strategist, speaker, and television personality. She's the founder of Evolve Image Consulting, a professional development company that educates entrepreneurs and business leaders on developing an effective, empowering, and confident image. Her unparalleled ability to empower not only individuals but businesses, through transformative methods has allowed her clients to go from ordinary to extraordinary in a very short period of time. Carol's one of 10 master Fashion Feng Shui practitioners in the world, master NLP practitioner, and combines her education (JD and PhD), experience, and 25+ year career as a coach, attorney, dean, and executive to help her clients implement proven strategies to increase profit, productivity, self-confidence, and success. Her work transforms her client's lives and businesses through their wardrobe.

Facilitated By

Yvonne Basten
Executive Managing Director

(403) 969-5059

Event Information

Start Date 10/18/2018 05:30 PM
End Date 10/18/2018 08:30 PM
Informal Networking 5:00
Location The Winston Golf Club
2502 - 6 St NE
Calgary AB T2E 3Z3
Chapter Calgary,AB
2502 - 6 St NE
    Calgary AB T2E 3Z3

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